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Munchkin Meals : 15 Months Old

Posted Jan 02 2013 9:05pm

Welcome to another Munchkin Meals! This is Hailey’s 15 month version, so please remember to put your child’s age in the title of your link up. Ok, here we go…

15 month eating has been mostly smooth sailing for Hailey. I haven’t hit a picky eating road block yet and she seems to enjoy most things I give her. The only trouble has been with her pesky molars that are breaking through. I can tell the bother her sometimes and during those times she doesn’t eat as much as usual.

So what is usual?

munchkin meals- 15 months- breakfast 2

It varies. Usually she has smaller portions of whatever I am having. Above is oatmeal and grapefruit, and as you can see, she prefers to use the spoon herself now.

munchkin meals- 15 months- breakfast

She always begins her day saying na-na-na (banana). She eats one every morning as I get her breakfast ready, usually around 8:15am.

As with all meals, it all depends what is in the fridge. I really try to make sure she has a variety of fruits and vegetables each day and throughout the week. I also focus on ensuring there is protein and fat in ever meal.

munchkin meals- 15 months- lunch

Above are pepper sticks with hummus, black-eyed peas with diced tomatoes and avocado. Confession- I sprinkle a little salt on her avocado. She loves it.

She also is loving the spoon. I feel so guilty that I hadn’t given her one to play with until a few days ago when Mema brought her some new ones because now she loves it. Not only that, she’s pretty good at it, too!

munchkin meals- 15 months- spoon

Hailey eats lunch around 11:30 and then naps for 2 hours. When she wakes up, she is ready for a snack. I won’t lie, I heavily rely on quick and easy snacks- cheese sticks, apples, pears and pouches.

munchkin meals- 15 months- plum organic pouch

Those dang pouches are just so convenient. I really like the Plum Organic brand because they have fruit, veggie and grain combos, like the one above.

I also need to mention milk. You would never know that Hailey started off not liking milk because now she can’t get enough. When she wants it, she reaches up to the fridge, grabs hold of the handles and cries. Clearly we need to work on the word MILK to correct this.

munchkin meals- 15 months- milk

She drinks around 14-16 ounces a day.

Dinner time is at 6:00 and mimics whatever we eat. However, on days when we eat something like spicy shrimp salad, she clearly eats differently. This usually means a quick fix, like melty cheese on a whole wheat deli thin, frozen peas (she prefers them frozen) and tomatoes.

munchkin meals- 15 months- dinner

Sometimes I drizzle a little olive oil over the tomatoes and sprinkle them with pepper. It adds a bit of healthy fat and flavor that Hailey loves.

munchkin meals- 15 months- olive oil

What are your kiddos eating?

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