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Multidimensional Fasting

Posted Nov 26 2012 5:41pm

So let’s talk about fasting (yes, again). I want to talk about a broader perspective on fasting today.

Though, yes, in the traditional sense, not consuming anything but water is meant when referred to fasting, in today’s sense of the word we can fast from just about anything. A juice fast means abstaining from all solid foods and only drinking fresh juices. A fruit fast means eating nothing but fruit. A chocolate fast means… well you get my drift.

I am currently sort of fasting (betcha didn’t hear that one before). I am drinking juices and eating watermelons, if you must know. But more importantly and more interesting (after 4587289.4 posts on this blog on juice fasting ) are the other things in my life I am fasting from. Let’s discuss.

Grooming Products

Before you start making jokes about my odeur let me tell you this; it ain’t jokes. I do smell a little. But I attribute that more to long hikes up and down hills than nixing the shower gel. And shampoo. And facewash. And toothpaste. (My teeth and mouth actually do smell fresher than ever before, which you can read more about in my eBook ‘ Raw Beauty ‘).

This is something that I have felt was a logical next step and something that I have wanted to pursue for some time now. I feel being here in Costa Rica in the bush bush and with clean water and an uber clean diet, this was the time.

So how do I like it so far? For one, it is really eye opening to how much ‘product’ we use each and every day (and that’s not even taking into account I stopped using make up and most other commercial beauty products some months ago, for the most part). It feels a bit weird not putting anything on my face, not even aloe vera or lemon juice. But, it also feels super awesome. To just let everything be and let my body its thing. My skin seems to be really happy with this, it looks smooth and fresh. Like I said, my teeth and breath are also great.

On the other hand, it feels kind of odd, still, not to use shampoo and shower gel. At home I didn’t use (organic) shower gel so often anymore to begin with, but here I feel I need it more because I perspire more. The not washing my hair thing, which has become quite a well-known home remedy for natural hair care, is a tough-y. It has been 3 weeks now and it’s quite the grease fest up there and I have kind of lost all hope my hair will ever get clean again. “They” say it takes about 4 weeks for your oil balance to recover and regulate itself again. I have met enough people who went through the same, though, and their hair always looks like they just washed it yesterday or today (I secretly hate those people, but let’s not tell them that). I will stick with it one more weer but if the hairy situation hasn’t improved by then…. I will lather a whole bottle of natural shampoo on there. Ha.


Yes, even the ‘healthy’ Himalaya/Celtic salts. I have always wanted to try going without any salt for at least 3-4 days (I never lasted, oops), which is how long it (supposedly) takes for the salt deposits in your body to dissolve and your taste buds to recover. What this means? That (supposedly) all your food would taste infinitely better, without the reliance on salt as a flavor enhancer.

The farm I am at promotes a low fat raw vegan lifestyle, without the use of sodium chloride (salt crystals). To be honest, I don’t know my stance yet on salt. I know that most all foods contain sodium in a more natural, more easy to absorb form. If crystallized salt is really toxic, however, I couldn’t tell you with certainty. What I can tell you, is that so far, I haven’t discovered any great chances though. Not taste-wise, and not water retention wise. (I haven’t been completely salt free in my 3 weeks here though, some of the other interns brought salt/items with salt and I have had a little bit inadvertently). I need more time to create a better feeling about the salt thing. Thoughts?


One thing I am happy about is to eat simpler. Yes, I like me my superfoods. Mostly for flavoring, like cacao, lucuma, and some for a specific nutrient (spirulina) or function (maca). However it does bug me sometimes knowing that these are not whole foods, taking out of their original context, and flown all around the world. I have cupboards full and though I do go without time for periods of time, they are very alluring. Not having them around is quite nice for a change and makes me appreciate simpler meals and flavoring in different ways.

Men & Relationships

Ha, that was quite the plot twist now wasn’t it?

Don’t worry, I am not going to put up a sob story about a broken heart or how all men are bad and I need a break. Maybe try lesbianism for a while.  That’s not at all the reason why I am ‘fasting’ from men & relationships right now. Men are still great, fun, sexy, and, yes, sometimes assholes. But that’s never gonna change.

I simply think it’s a good idea to have a break every now and again from ‘being in the game’. For being open to romance, and all that it entails. Flirting, doubt, insecurities, sex, good times, bad times. In short, it can take up a lot of your time and mind-space. It can disturb peace. It can sometimes be a bit of a roller coaster. And that’s OK, roller coasters are fun, but they can also make you nauseous. Sometimes its good to take a step back and have the space to reflect; what, and whom, is really good for me? What isn’t? Am I pursuing something that is really right for me?

What is something you have fasted from or would want to fast from? 

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