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muffin top

Posted Feb 19 2011 11:56pm
this morning before work i put a few chicken breasts in the crockpot on low. along with the chicken i added enough low-sodium chicken broth and salsa to cover the chicken breasts.

once i got home they looked like this
so i did this until they looked like this i then started shredding some cheese (75% reduced fat cheddar). i was pretty much over the shredding 30 seconds into it.

so i did this instead

took .5 sec
i got so carried away i decided i wanted yellow cheddar too. now i have this much cheese

what am i going to do with this much cheese?!?!

why so much cheese? why am i making this face?
i had originally intended to make chicken tacos, but then i saw some spinach and mushrooms in the fridge and decided to cook that up instead.
to cook the mushrooms i heated up a little evoo in a pan and then added the 'shrooms.

after about a min i added a little red wine for flava  then some spinach
once that was all done cooking i took a little tortilla (whole wheat fajita size -- the smallest size) and topped it with some cheese, chicken and the mushroom/spinach mixture
i then topped it with another tortilla and flipped it.

it was very, very good!

blog talk
thanks to SR and my wonderful friends , my blog has increased its readership. so while i have the chance and my blog is still growing, i figured i would ask ya'lls opinions.
what do you like about my blog?
what should i change?
is there anything else i could add to it that you would like?
is there anything you hate/find annoying/wish i never did again?

feel free to be honest, just please don't me mean. i appreciate ya'lls feedback!

see ya in tha mornin'
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