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Mr. Sun.. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

Posted Oct 01 2011 8:03am

PLEASE SHINE DOWN ON ME TOMORROW! Pretty, pretty please!?!?!


One of the perks (not so much) of being a second grade teacher is getting really annoying songs stuck in your head.. such as:

Mr. Golden Sun;

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring (my students and I had a disagreement over the lyrics so I looked them up online… they won :( );

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (HIS NAME IS MY NAME TOO…)

Hi, My Name is Joe … And I work in the button factory..

Skinnamirinky Dinky, Dink, Skinnamirinky doo.. too boo poo be do

(Confession.. I am not on youtube listening and singing to these songs. I hope Justin doesn’t come out of the bedroom…)


Oh the  JOY!


Okay. I am done with my random ramblings. I honestly only have one quick question for you because Justin and I have a to-do list the size of.. umm… something really long.


In my training (and my running in general) .. I’ve really only RAN in the rain… one time. And it was like 95* out… so the rain was refreshing.



It is currently pouring here. And they are also predicting rain for tomorrow. If by chance of a miracle… the weather people are right.. do you have ANY tips for running in the rain.. when it is going to be like 60* or even cooler?

How should I dress.. do I need to bring anything different? Will my baby Garmie survive?

Any advice you can give me would be SO appreciated!


But folks, thats all the time I have this morning… today, Justin and I are:

  • Meeting with a photographer
  • Getting stamps to mail our save the dates
  • Going to the mall to get me a birthday present.. and perhaps look at fancy shmancy close for an event we are going to on Wednesday
  • Quick stop at the grocery store for my pre-race pizza and breakfast ingredients
  • Most importantly… SEE LION KING in 3D!!


Can I tell you HOW excited I am to see Lion King. As soon as I realized there was a movie theater in the mall we were going to.. and there was a perfect mid-day showing that would suit our needs (and those of a million children..) I immediately began singing Lion King songs to my students. In 4th grade I had a concert that had all the Lion King songs in it.. so I know all words :)

When I came home and started to make my race play list…I instead started listening to Lion King. I LOVE THIS MOVIE and I can’t wait to see it!! :)



Rainy running advice?

Weekend plans?

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