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Moving Out, Moving In

Posted Nov 14 2012 11:55pm

We’ve been in California for almost a month. I figured now is as good a time as any to share pictures from the move.

Here are some of the last photos taken in our Boston apartment, shot at approximately 3 A.M. the night before we flew out.

Jelly was helpful as ever.

We were tossing furniture to the curb just minutes before we had to be in a cab heading to the airport.

In a flash, we were in the airport with Jelly in tow. I didn’t photo document the travel part because I was generally exhausted and worried about our moosecat handling the 6-hour flight.

After a strong dose of sedatives (because of course he didn’t respond to the average-kitty dosage, or even twice that), he was mostly sleepy and quiet for the flight. He stirred during the final descent, but thankfully the jet engines drowned out most of his meows.

We loaded ourselves and our luggage into a cab and wound up at my sister’s place around 3AM EST. Jelly did not throw up or poop or pee at any point during the 10-hour stint in his carrier. I was so grateful.

After a day or so, he had adjusted to Pacific standard time and was back to his old antics.

Once I got into the swing of things at my new job, J & I started apartment hunting. My sister insisted that we would have to look at “twenty or thirty” apartments before we found one in SF.

We got lucky on #2.

The view blows my mind each and every morning. We are up on a hill, so we can see for miles upon miles. Coming from the east coast, I can’t get over the mountains on the horizon in (almost) every direction. This city is so damn pretty. Crazy and beautiful.

So, for a solid week, the only furniture we had in this one-bedroom apartment was a mattress. I ate cereal on a blanket in the kitchen every morning before work.

Jelly, again, quickly made himself feel right at home.

Last week, Christmas came early in the form of a jumbo delivery from IKEA. And then two days too late, our power tools came in the mail.

Now, we are a fully functioning home with a couch, bedframe, desk, and even chairs.

Home sweet San Franciscan home.

Once the place is decorated and organized, I’ll post some more pictures!

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