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Move It Monday & What I Wore

Posted Jun 11 2012 10:00am
First of all, thank you for your welcoming response to My Journey to Lean post.

Your comments and thought provoking questions confirmed that this was an important post to share.

I love the taking place and believe you should always ask questions and research your options regarding your fitness and nutrition. Kudos to you!

Since I failed to hook-up you up with a workout on Fitness Friday, Move It Monday is happening.

I'm kind of embarrassed how out of breath I am. I did just teach HIIT

4 moves in 4 minutes. 
  1. Squat jumps (wide to narrow)
  2. Plank jack + spiderman
  3. Split-jack lunges
  4. Burpees

I explain the exercises along with modification for beginners, so if you want to skip ahead to 2:00, that's where the workout begins.

Set your timer to tabatas [20:10 x 8] and go!

These moves are heart-pumping, and I usually like to use them throughout my HIIT classes to keep participants sweating and burning calories.

Following most workouts, I have been craving a protein shake.

Cooper thinks it's drool-worthy

This one is Total Lean 25 French Vanilla with 1 c. almond milk, 1 Tbs. chia seeds, & ice (and a little water). Blend and you're good to go.

GNC shared recipes on 4 Ways to Shake Up your Protein .

There are some yummy-looking ones like Chai Chiller, Java Joint and Mixed Berry Popsicle.

#PROOF check-in. 

FitFluential encourages members (have you joined , yet?) and ambassadors to share pictures post-exercise called #PROOF. You may see multiple tweets with this hashtag.

I realized I'm quite fond of my Ninja attire when sharing my #PROOF.

Those are in fact 3 different tank tops Nike & Champion, my favorite Nike Pro-Core Fit capris and Nike tempo shorts with black Nike Frees 5.0 and silver Nike Free 4.0's .

Yes. I'm slightly swoosh happy.

But, so is Cooper

I like colors, but ultimately I wear black because...

recycled pic :)

And, I always match with black (I'm anal about that). But, I typically do my weekday workouts in the athletics' weight room at lunch, so I wear neutral colors.

Your turn.

What is TOP priority and/or goal for this summer?

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this campaign. All opinions are my own.
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