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Motivational secret:Think less eat better.

Posted Sep 14 2010 12:00am
Healthy eating is often seen as a masochistic enterprise - an arduous pilgrimage one must undertake to attain the holy grail of a desirable BMI.This road to better eating is so strewn with denial and sacrifice that only the truly saintly can walk on it for a prolonged period.
The problem of course is that the eater thinks that the pakodas,mithai,colas,and cakes are delicious foods that the body deserves and desires to eat and feels bereft when injunctions about health or fitness necessitate forsaking them.
However if one looks deeper into what goes into the things that one is putting in the body,embracing the right foods becomes a cakewalk !(sic).
 Believe me, once you decide that you don't eat HFCS, partially-hydrogenated oils,refined oils and artificial sweeteners, you're left with more real,wholesome choices.
So instead of saying, "I can't have that," you say, "I don't eat that" and feel happy about your choices  rather than feeling deprived and left out.
Within a few weeks  of this you will have fewer diet-sabotaging cravings.The result of losing cravings,getting better digestive health and better sleep are so dramatic that the healthy eating patterns become internalized.I find that in matters of eating as well as fitness putting oneself on an autopilot rather than counting calories and chalking diet programmes works way better.
  Do I never eat cookies or cakes? Of course I do. But the home made ones which all natural ingredients and satisfy me sooner and taste much better than industrial stuff full of unpronounceable ingredients that set off cravings.Choosing real foods is the first baby step towards healthy eating.
I would love to know what works for you and what keeps you from eating healthy?
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