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Motivation Monday

Posted Jul 22 2013 9:10am
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Happy Monday ladies!How was week two ?A little challenging, right?Well this week we are going to step it up a notch and really get those muscles burning.You ready?Of course you are!I hope these simple little workouts I have given you encourage you to keep moving forward and possibly add a more intense regimen.Working out is somewhat like a drug, after awhile you become addicted.I promise.So let's begin!{Remember to use youtube for moves you don't understand or you can email me.}
Jumping squats (tuck jumps) 1 15 sec.Narrow push ups (elbows in not out) 1 min.
rest 15 sec.
Triple lunge (forward, back, forward; switch legs) 1 min.
rest 15 sec.
Downward dog with 3 knees and hold 1 min.
rest 15 sec.
Switch kick (switching legs) 1 min.
rest 15 sec.
V ups 1 min.
rest 15 sec.
Elbow plank or tall plank with rotation (switching sides) 1 min.
rest 15 sec.
 You want to complete 3 rounds of these moves.
For a more intense workout complete 5!

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