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Motivation Follows Results

Posted Feb 13 2010 11:13am
The subject-line maxim is something I've read on the blogs before and also something that Trainer B. has told me. It's a little bit counter-intuitive, isn't it? Motivation follows results, not the other way around. I would think that you need to get all motivated to produce the results. You certainly need a little bit of motivation to even get started, but for me, when I'm working towards a goal, I have to completely force myself to get through the preliminary behaviors, but once I start seeing the results, I am fired up . And it becomes much, much easier to continue the behaviors that produce the results.

So, what am I even talking about? Haha, that was a lot of general babble, wasn't it? I'm really excited this week because I'm seeing some awesome results in my two weight loss competitions. First, on Thursday evening Trainer B. took my measurements and such to see how I was doing with the gym competition. Now, I know that getting circumferences and body fat percentages is not an exact science, but done by the same person in the same place, I think it's as close as I can get. And I had some major loss of inches and my overall body fat (taken from maybe 10 different locations on my body - and yes, pulling up your shirt in front of your attractive male trainer is as awkward as it sounds) dropped by 3% since the beginning of January! Hollaaaaa! And, AND, my weight on the gym scale was 159.8. Now, I've seen a number like that on my home scale (around the end of my biggest loser competition last year) but I've never had an official-type weigh in that was in the 150s. I can't even remember weighing in the 150s consistently since freshman year of college, six years ago.

Then I had my weigh in at work and I lost 1.94% this week, which is huge for me, and put me solidly in fourth place. I'm so excited!

Gotta run, because Becca and I are gonna go watch some really fast people at the XC Nationals - report to come!
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