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MostFit Suspension Straps - Review and Giveaway

Posted Dec 18 2012 7:06pm
Created by fitness guru and personal trainer Andrew Gavigan, the MostFit™ resistance trainer was designed to be easy-to-use for anyone, anytime, anywhere.
MostFit™ utilizes body weight to create a leaner, sculpted physique. MostFit™ is designed to strengthen the core, while improving balance, flexibility, and total body strength, anywhere, anytime.
Lose weight, reduce stress and get stronger with the easy-to-use strap that includes foot cradles and hand straps. MostFit™ easily mounts to any door frame and can easily be secured onto most heavy workout machines, furniture and stationary structures - no hooks or screws required!________________________________________________________________________________
What is suspension training?Suspension training is a form of resistance training that uses your own body weight as resistance.  It includes a variety of multi-planar, compound movements that can be done by people of all fitness levels.  To adjust the difficulty, you simply adjust the angle of your body as you are going through the movements.  The goal of suspension training is to develop strength, flexibility, balance as well as joint stability.  This is a great method for developing core strength and muscular stability. It is an excellent form of full body training that will leave you feeling the burn in the days that follow. 
Andrew Gavigan was generous enough to send me the MostFit straps to try out.  This was not my first experience with suspension strap training.  I had recently been taking TRX classes at a local studio.  While I loved those classes, they are expensive ($20 for a drop in) and the TRX system is nearly $200 and is not really a portable system.   MostFit straps are completely portable and only come in at $30.  People are always asking me for home gym options that won't break the bank.  MostFit fits the bill perfectly.

To use it, you simply have to anchor it and you are ready to go.  This is a picture of it anchored on my front door.  This was sturdy enough to hold my body weight and safely perform all the exercises.  You don't have to anchor it on a door.  You can use this system anywhere... wrap it around a tree, throw it over a jungle gym, a sturdy beam in your garage, etc.  When using it on a door, it is best to use it on a door that closes toward you.  That way you are not pulling the door open.  The picture below shows it on the inside of my front door.  This is not a door that closes toward me but it is the strongest door in my house.  

Below are some videos showing a few examples of upper body and lower body exercises that can be performed with the MostFit straps.  You can do so many exercises with these straps and get an amazing strength training workout by simply using your own body weight.

My only complaint about the MostFit straps would be that they are not adjustable.  It would be nice to have an adjustable strap length for added variety in some of the movements.  Also, it is only approved for up to 250 pounds.  While I personally do not weigh over 250 pounds, a lot of people do and I think those people could benefit from a system like this.  Other than those two minor things, I give it two thumbs up and am happy to have them as part of my home gym.  
Andrew was generous enough to offer up a second one for one lucky fan!

Peace and Love!
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