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most common excuses for not living a healthy life

Posted Oct 04 2011 8:53am
Sam the short-haired sleeping highschooler.  An old, rather embarrassing picture, but it fits this post!  In highschool I did a lot more of this and a lot less working out.  I can write the following post because I have used nearly all of these excuses myself.

I can’t be healthy because…
I just don’t know where to start...small steps. Start by switching out soda with water.  Pack healthy and filling lunches instead of hitting up restaurants daily.  Wash fruit and vegetables on the weekend so they are easily accessible during the week and consider making a big soup, stew or casserole on Sunday to have for quick weeknight dinners.  Eat breakfast everyday.  Learn to read food labels and look out for sauces with too much fat, sugar or preservatives. 
It’s too expensive... actually, investing in your health now with a gym membership and real food is SO much cheaper than paying for countless doctors visits down the road.  Shop seasonally for produce or buy frozen fruits and vegetables.  Buy things like whole grains and lean meats in bulk (I buy whole chickens at Sam's and cook, shred and freeze in baggies for soups or salad toppers).  Get in the kitchen and cook instead of spending money on cheap fast food.  Go with running outside or a cheap home gym (more on that to come in a later post) instead of a monthly gym membership.  Read this if you need more evidence that healthy living doesn't have to break the bank.   I don’t have time – exercise and healthy eating must become a priority.  Schedule exercise into your calendar and set alarms so you'll know it's coming.  Become a morning person, that way your workout will definitely happen.  Keep things like frozen turkey burgers  ready to go to save time on making dinner.  Dedicate just 20 minutes to grilling some chicken or steaming some vegetables.  That time spent in the kitchen cooking a healthy meal is definitely better than driving to a restaurant for take out and then having to spend an hour on the treadmill working it off.  And one of my biggest pet peeves: if you're watching 1-2 hours of TV a night, you have time to exercise.  I’m too old to start now – you’re never too old.  Most people immediately see a decreased dependency on medications and experience more flexibility and a better quality of life with just a little bit of exercise.  I’m too tired – it's amazing how exercise can get you over being tired.  Although waking up early for workouts can be kind of a drag, it definitely becomes easier.  Even just a 20-30 session in the morning will leave you feeling energized for the day.  Also, try turning the TV off, closing the laptop and going to bed earlier.  I hate the gym and exercise is boring – who said exercise had to be at a gym?  Turn on your favorite song and dance in the living room.  Find an exercise buddy.  Put together a simple home gym.  Hike or run outside with an audio book.  Join a soccer league with a friend.  Learn tennis with your spouse.  Do 10 pushups every commercial break.  Just move. I’m always traveling – try to stay at hotels with gyms.  Pack a jump rope or workout DVD in your suitcase.  Here is an easy, no equipment needed workout to try while away from home.  And one that I'm terrible at: make yourself say no to all of the treats at different conferences and events.  Healthy food has no taste – you don’t need tons of butter and salt to make a great meal.  Have a browse through  my recipe index or check out my 2 favorite healthy recipe sites: eating well and skinny taste .  A few easy substitutions can instantly reduce fat, sugar and calories.  I just don’t care – this one I can’t really help you on.  Healthy living it has to be up to you to stick.  It gets easier with time, I promise.  Give it a shot!  What other excuses did I miss?
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