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Most Appropriate Methods of Caring for Your Dell PA-17 Adapter

Posted Aug 13 2013 3:06am

Dell PA-17 Adapter  charger is one of the most critical accessories because you cannot replenish charge without it. However, more efforts are given to caring the battery and laptop while little focus is given to the charger. This can result to damage to the laptop and even battery. Here are some of the most effective methods you can adopt to take care of the adapter.


Check power specifications before plugging in the adapter

Power from the mains remains the main factor that will easily destroy any Dell PA-17 Adapter. Many people think that socket outlets are similar and the charger can be plugged to any. This is incorrect. Sockets are meant to regulate the amount of charge getting to specific electrical equipments or electronics. You must therefore check the power output of the socket and establish whether it corresponds with what is written at the back of the adapter.


If you are not sure of the voltage requirements for your  Dell battery, it is advisable to reach a technician who can tell you the right sockets to plug the adapter. If your house has sockets with different wattage, it might be advisable to install a specific one with the right specifications for your laptop. This will reduce chances of burning the charger circuit especially if the laptop is used by several people.


Always keep the charger away from water

If water gets into the PA-17 Adapter, it can cause extensive damages. Just like other electrical circuits, water is dangerous because it contains active ions. Its entry into the adapter could therefore short-circuit the system and damage it. This can also damage your laptop. To avoid this, you should always keep the adapter dry by placing it on a dry surface and carrying it using water-proof bags. In case you sense that water has gotten into the charger, do not plug it into the mains or your laptop. Make sure you take it to an expert and only use it after confirmation it is safe.


Unplug the charger when hot or not in use

Dell Adapter  is a mini transformer that steps down and equalizes power to appropriate level for running the laptop. When you plug it to the mains, this process causes a lot of heating that can damage the circuit, capacitors and the entire adapter system. When the charger gets hot, you should always unplug it from the mains and let it cool down before re-plugging.


When the Dell PA-17 Adapter is not being used, you should always unplug it from the mains. This will help to prevent heating and conservation of energy. When a charger is connected, its circuit continues heating and can easily get damaged. Many chargers get damaged when left on the sockets overnight or for a long time even without being connected to the laptop.


Only charge the laptop when you are around

You should only charge your laptop using the  PA-17 Charger  if you are around. This is important so that you can sense and unplug it when hot and check its condition. You can also note when the laptop battery is fully charged and unplug or cite other anomalies and fix them immediately. If you follow the outlined tips on caring your Dell Adapter, you can rest assured of longer service and higher value for your money.


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