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Morning Workouts? I Dont Know About That…

Posted Jan 29 2013 9:42am

My usual morning routine lately involves waking up too early (for me). Torrance has to get up way before me for work (haha, sucka’) but sadly, unless I am dead tired, this usually means I am up too – around 6:30-7ish (and by “up” I mean awake in bed) I dont even have to be to work until 9!

Anyway, my routine typically involves turning on the news (because I am in my 50′s apparently and like to see really depressing negative stuff first thing in the morning?) and then I check my email real quick from my phone, to see how busy I will be at work, blah blah; and then I also do a quick run through on Twitter, catch up on my Facebook feed, and also check out Instagram.

Social media first thing in the morning can be really motivating….or really guilt inducing.

All of these people are posting stuff like "yay morning workout!" and pictures of their weights and water bottle and headphones at 7am. Some even posting "just got done with my morning workout and oh-em-gee it felt so good." At 7 in the effing morning.

Stupid social media. I mean it got me. Like damn, I have time, I should get up and head down to the apartment gym and do something, I’m awake anyway.

Lately it is getting to me more than usual too, because my workouts/ training have been spotty lately due to a temporary situation where I have been having to give Torrance rides some days at night after work – anywhere between 6:00 and 7:00 pm. This is a major bummer because as you know, I typically go to training 5:30-6:30, which I never really know if he needs a ride until kind of last minute so this is definitely cutting into my training.

And when I get thrown off my routine things are all crazy. But like I said, LUCKILY this is only a temporary thing for another week or two. But needless to say, if I could get in a little somethin’ somethin’ in the morning, I would feel a little better right now.

So anyway, this morning, I’m going through Instagram and I was like "dammit people, okay, fine – I am getting up and going down to the gym to workout."


But I didnt.

Because truth be told, I hate working out in the morning.

Mostly, because I am not a morning person.


It takes me forever to fully wake-up, and usually the fact that I am fully awake is thanks to taking a shower, which obviously is pointless to do before working out.

I have never been a morning workout person though. The last 4 years that I was in Alaska I worked two jobs, the first (my part time), started at 5:30am. Like I had to be there at 5:30. Obviously that does not leave time for a workout – unless I was to get up at 3:30am or something. But the only time I have been up at 3:30am is to a) to catch a flight/traveling or b) I was still up from the night before.

But let me tell you about this one time that I did workout in the morning. It was like a whole 2 week stint where I would get up annoyingly early (like 5:30) drive 25 minutes to my gym, do a 45 minute workout, drive 25 minutes home, and then get ready and go to work. And I wont lie, for the 2 weeks it lasted I really liked that I did feel good when I got to work (but I always had a major afternoon lull) and I loved the fact that the workout was out of the way and nothing could "come up" during the day that would prevent me from going in the evening. That’s about it though. That is the only benefit I see in it. (So someone enlighten me in the comments and tell me why they love it).

I felt like while I was at the gym I was half-assing it because I was tired. My body wasnt awake and ready to work hard. It just didnt feel the same.

But I totally understand why people do it – a lot of people dont have any other time that they could – and I get that, and admire your dedication for making it work.

Me on the other hand? I think I will stick to my evening workouts and limit my morning activity to walking brown dog and my occasional before-shower-floor-routines like this one:

morningworkout  (found on Pinterest, not sure of the source as the link didnt work)


  • Do you workout in the morning, evening, or afternoon? Is it because of preference or time convenience/schedule?
  • All you morning workout people – what do you like most about it?
  • In general – are you more of a morning person or night owl?
    Night owl for me, though I find myself going to bed earlier and earlier in my “old age.”

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