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more to life

Posted Aug 31 2012 10:31pm

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…
I spend much of my time alone.

This used to bother me a whole awful lot. In fact, it was one of the triggers of my ed.
Now that’s in the past, and I enjoy my solitude without putting my health in danger. most of the time.
However, there are days when I yearn for human connection.
Some days I want more than just the yoga studio chatter or a friendly smile of a passerby.
Human interaction is a powerful thing,
that is, generally taken for granted.

That may have sounded a tad melodramatic, but it is so true.
With each encounter of another being, you are impacting their life, whether it be significant or not.

What’s all this trivial jabber about social interactions… or lack thereof?
I have just moved into my dorm for the fall semester at uni! Yes, I live in a dormroom.
On the bright side it’s quiet a bit larger than last years’, but unfortunately it’s in a much older building.
Anyhow, I moved in early so I am alone for now, but on Sunday this place will be packed.
No more isolation, I refuse to let myself be a hermit like I did first year.
I finally am finding a sense of myself, without ed.

Now, it’s time to make time for others. Relationships.
There’s no more time for me to be scared.
Because there’s too many amazing people I have yet to encounter.

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