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Posted Jan 18 2011 8:49pm

I have a goal this month to eat more fruits and veggies. Actually, this has been my goal for the last couple months. And for some reason, I can’t seem to do it! I even got more specific this month and added “at least 1 per meal”. STILL CAN’T DO IT!

I have a degree in Nutrition, so I know full well that I should be eating my fruits and vegetables. Every now and then I will eat some, like last night. I had a handful of baby carrots. Not bad. But that was the only f/v serving I had in a couple days! logo_l

So, I decided to “ Join America’s Pledge ”:

My Pledge: I pledge to eat … and help my family eat … at least ONE MORE fruit or veggie every day.
[I was the 1019th person to take this pledge. Add your pledge to that number!]

In honor of making my pledge (and really working on my goal), I ate an orange with my breakfast...

DSC06813 ...dried bananas with my lunch...


...and steamed mixed veggies with dinner.

DSC06852 The little man even gnawed on a couple carrots!! DSC06810

Not bad huh?! Seriously though, I’m going to get better at this fruit and veggie eating. How about you? How do you get all the fruit & vegetable servings you are suppose to?


I wasn’t planning on doing anything today...pretty much I can be super lazy on my non-running days. But, my friend KIM texted me and asked if I had gone on a walk yet today. Darn, she caught me!!

But, of course, I’m glad she did. We met up and went for about an hour long walk. It was a little chilly, but it’s ALWAYS worth it once you get up and get going. Thanks for the motivation Kim!

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