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More Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Needed

Posted Sep 15 2010 4:28pm

While we recommend Juice Plus+ as a way to get nutrients from 7 different fruits, 8 different vegetables, and 2 grains, the statistics continue to show why there is such a need for this whole food nutritional supplement.  Juice Plus+ is not a substitute for eating ripe, raw fruits and vegetables, but when we continue to emphasize the need to consume more of those whole foods and the statistics say that even more people are not doing so, then we have to continue to make the recommendation. Here's more on the deficit in good nutrition that more people are facing --

Despite all those public health campaigns designed to convince us to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, a recent study by the Centers of Disease Control shows that most Americans still aren't getting enough. The state-by-state analysis found that only about one-third of American adults consume two or more servings of fruit per day and just one-quarter eat three or more servings of vegetables. There's also been no statistical increase in vegetable consumption in the past decade, and fruit consumption has actually fallen.

These figures fall far, far below the CDC's goal. By now, the CDC had hoped that 75 percent of adults would be eating enough fruits and that 50 percent would be getting enough veggies.

Nearly every state in the country has failed in consuming the ideal amount of fruits and vegetables. Tennessee, Oregon and Maine, however had the highest levels of veggie eaters while California, New York and Vermont ate the most fruit. Washington D.C. was the only area surveyed to rank in the top five for both fruit and vegetable consumption.

So which states fared the worst? South Dakota, Louisiana and Iowa had the lowest levels of vegetable consumption, while Oklahoma, South Carolina and Kansas consumed the least fruits. Mississippi earned the distinction of being near the bottom of both lists.

It's no wonder 26.7 percent of American adults are obese.

Looking state by state, only Idaho managed to get close to the produce eating objective. How’d Georgia do? Not so great, with just shy of 30 percent of people meeting fruit and veggie goals in 2009. If you want to be a tiny bit optimistic, during the past decade, Georgia didn’t lose any ground in the vegetable category and fruit consumption is up from 28 percent, which met the goal in 2000. No matter how you look at it, there’s huge room for improvement.

Comments: You don't need to supplement your diet if you eat plenty of raw, ripened fruits and vegetables each day. But until you do, it's a good idea to get a whole food nutritional supplement in order to at least get the nutrients, such as Juice Plus+ .  You may found the ounce of prevention worth the pound of cure later. Those foods are important for brain function, prevention of sickness and disease, slowing the aging process, and just overall better health!

The Health & Wellness Institute, PC

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