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More From Fig’s!

Posted Feb 18 2010 5:40am

Since last week, when I made Todd English’s mushroom pizza, I have been craving Fig’s Bianco Pizza.

When Solomon told me he wanted pizza for dinner, I decided Bianco or bust!  I followed the recipe EXACTLY.  I just wanted to share some pics.



I kind of overdid the onions :(






We had this with a side of roasted garlic asparagus and carrots.  
Such a good meal!  The best part?  The leftovers!  I love to eat all of the salad off of the pizza and bring the crust home to put in the toaster.  It’s just good bread!  It makes for the perfect lunch the next day, especially since I made so much salad.  I discovered a whole new love for arugula!

How do you feel about leftovers?  Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

By the way, check out marathonmaiden’s post on the different people at the gym.  It cracked me up, because I was just complaining about some of these last night!  Today there were older women (40s-50s) with sweatpants with “Pink” across their butts in rhinestones, tank tops with no bras (their boobs don’t move!), coffee cup in hand with a full face of makeup and their hair done.  I feel like when women with long hair don’t bother with a ponytail, they aren’t serious!  I don’t know, just my thoughts.

When I’m at the gym I’m a SWEATY BEAST.  By the end my hair is pointing in every direction possible, my shirt is drenched through and I’m bright red.  AND I LOVE IT!

What kind of gym goer are you?   What kind of person drives you crazy?

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