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More Christmas DIY: Ping Pong Lights

Posted Dec 19 2013 11:55am

Apparently this is the year to accomplish Christmas projects I wanted to do last year…

One of the things I saw this time in good ol’ 2012 was this link instructing you on how to turn a simple strand of Christmas lights into something a little more funky.  I purchased a 144-pack of ping pong balls from Amazon and then did nothing.  I don’t have a drill, so that was partly responsible for my delay.  Into the closet went the balls to sit and collect dust.  I mentioned to Dan how cool it would be to have these, and he said sometime I could bring my stuff over and use his drill.  Then last night, I actually inspected the supplies and realized I could easily just use a pair of scissors…  Figures.

IMAG3735 So all you need is a pack of 100 mini lights (Target had them for $3), a pair of scissors, a glue gun with sticks, and the gigantic bag of ping pong balls.  I used the scissors to pinch a small part of each ball until I made a puncture, then used one end to twist open the hole a little bigger.  God this is poor writing.  Anyway…  After that, just put glue around the opening and place over the light.

IMAG3736 It’s really that easy.  Just watch the hot glue on your fingers (as with ALL glue gun requiring projects).  I’m not sure why a drill was needed, maybe the balls this guy had were of a sturdier plastic that mere scissors could not overcome.  Regardless, it only took me about 45 min to an hour (I was eating dinner at the same time) to finish the whole strand.

IMAG3737 Aki was quite impressed!  You do want to make sure the lights work before gluing everything on, though.  Forgot to mention that before.  I put them up in my apartment to see how they look on display and am quite pleased with the result.

IMAG3739 IMAG3740 I’ll probably make two or three more strands of these for both of our places (for next year).  These will be heading over to his place for the weekend to spruce up his living room while the parentals are in town.  ;)

Tonight’s plan of action is to pick up something to finish off Dan’s dad’s gift, wrapping supplies and other odds and ends at Walmart (heaven help me), then bake some mini gingerbread cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (recipe will be posted, it’s not an original though, just a share).  Anywho, hope the holiday hustle is treating people well!

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