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Moose's Mug Monday.

Posted Jan 06 2013 6:25pm

Sigh of relief...starting tomorrow we are finally back to normal schedules and routine.  I enjoyed the holidays and slower work weeks, but I came to realize that I am a creature of habit and love routine.  Waking up and going to bed at around the same time daily makes for a less crabby more productive me and most people for that matter. 

Thought you might enjoy this photo, apparently Moose thinks she is a parrot and decided Ryan's shoulder was a good place to sit for awhile.  Too funny!

Last week I mentioned I would share my resolutions with you.  I don't love the word resolution, it brings about feelings of big change and hard to accomplish goals.  I like to think of resolutions as positive changes, maybe small, possibly big but lets look at them as what is being added to our lives rather than what are we taking away.

So here are a few of my positive changes I am going to share and I have a few that I will keep to myself :-)

Take my vitamins and supplements daily, no exceptions.

Cook and create more.

When given the option to walk or drive, always choose walk.

Brush Moose's teeth everyday, she tried once and it just didn't work (ha, imagine if your dog could actually brush their teeth!)

Complete two half marathons. I usually do at least one per year and with the wedding last year and a minor injury I skipped last year.

Learn to use photoshop!  Make the blog a little prettier and acquire a new skill :-)

Adventure more in our own city. I've only been to Chinatown once and that was at mile 20 of the Chicago Marathon, let's just say not my favorite experience.

Tame my sweet tooth.
 That does not mean eliminating sweets, just a little more moderation.  

Remember, EVERYDAY IS SPECIAL.  This came about as I watched the most hilarious video of my niece dancing to Gangnam Style wearing a princess dress over her clothes and flashy sunglasses (she's almost 4).  I asked my sister why she was dressed like that, and her response was, "that's a normal day in our house and why not."  She gets home from school and puts on a princess dress and sunglasses because why not!  Today is special, wear your princess dress.

In creating my list of positive changes, I chose tasks that are absolutely doable.  Nothing is out of reach or requires time that does not exist.  I look forward to these positive changes in 2013!  Are you looking to gain or lose this year? Doesn't it sound more pleasant when you say this is what I would like to gain this year...

Workout plan for the weekSunday: 30 min Stepmill Interval program
Monday: Hot Vinyasa Yoga
Tuesday: Teach bootcamp
Wednesday: 7 mile run and strength train
Thursday: Teach bootcamp
Friday: 4 mile run
Saturday: OFF

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