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Moose Mug. Pilates Conference, a weekend full of movement and inspiration.

Posted May 06 2013 3:09pm

 On most days, sometimes multiple times a day Ryan requests pictures of Moose. Sometimes I hop into the picture to surprise him. After taking the picture below I about died laughing, Moose looks like she put on a few pounds, look at that neck! She looks so serious and bothered by me getting in her space. 

I arrived home after a weekend in Tucson, Arizona at the 2nd Fletcher Pilates Conference.  It was an amazing weekend filled with inspiration, learning, and history.  For those of you who  may not much know about Pilates it was created by Joseph Pilates and the work has been carried on by 6 what are know called "master teachers" and with their passing their is a new generation of teachers sharing the work and their experiences.   The conference was called "Shared Traditions" as each "Master Teacher" had a different experience with Joseph Pilates there is variation to the work and different lessons being carried on, we were fortunate enough to have a disciple of each "Master Teacher" their to teach us their history and knowledge.  
I love attending conferences in my field whether that be fitness, nutrition, sports, prenatal, or Pilates because you come back inspired, rejuvenated and I had 8 hours of Pilates classes throughout the weekend (how many people get to say that they exercised for 8 hours at their work conferences, pretty cool right?!), I was so happy to get to move so much! 

If you want to learn more about Pilates or watch some great online video workouts check out PilatesAnytime .  PilatesAnytime is an online Pilates studio where you have access to 100s of classes unlimited for $18/month from some of the best and most well known PIlates teachers in the world from all different schools of practice.  They offer a 15 day free trial period, I highly recommend it!

Workout Plan for the WeekSunday: 2 hours of PIlates Classes/Workshops
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Teach Bootcamp
Wednesday: 7 mile run and Hot Vinyasa Yoga
Thursday: Teach Bootcamp and Pilates
Friday: 6 mile Run
Saturday: 3 mile Run/Swim

Have you tried PIlates before?  

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