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Moose Mug Monday. Some notes on Swimming.

Posted Feb 17 2013 8:01pm

Happy Monday from this one...

I have gone swimming three times and I am really enjoying it...once I am in.  When I was younger I had technical swim training but have not thought about it for years.  About halfway through my first swim I started thinking about what muscles should be working at each moment and began to remember important elements of each stroke.  I started thinking about pulling my arm back down by my side rather than passively let it come back down, my speed increased quickly and I felt so much more effective in my movement.  After the second and third swims I felt invigorated and my body enjoyed the workout without having so much impact on my joints.  Don't get me wrong, I MISS RUNNING so much (every runner right now seems like they are taunting me) but I can already feel the benefits of swimming and how it can positively effect my training and body.
I have been researching different half marathon and marathon training programs and how less running and more cross training can be a very effective way of training.  The impact your joints and bones feel when running is 4x your body weight!  That is a lot of reactive forces on the body. Stress on your bones is good, it helps to build bone and maintain bone density but there can be too much which can lead to injury and decreased bone health.  My foot injury has led me to rethinking my weekly workouts and my future training for races.  I have always done Pilates, yoga, and strength training as forms of cross-training but my preferred cardio has ALWAYS been running.  It gives me sense of accomplishment quickly and a huge runner's high every time.  Maybe I can get there with swimming?  

This week's workout plansSunday: OFF
Monday: 30 minutes recumbent bike and 3/4 mile swim
Tuesday: Upper body and core workout
Wednesday: Pilates
Thursday: 30 minute recumbent bike and 3/4 mile swim
Friday: Pilates and Upper Body workout
Saturday: Stretch and RELAX

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