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Moose Mug. Being ready for change.

Posted Mar 16 2014 8:28pm

It's Monday again! (I'm trying to use the power of positive thinking and by putting an exclamation point there I'm changing your mood,ha.) The weekends always go by so fast but I have to say this whole daylight savings thing is wonderful. It's 7pm and two weeks ago I would have been ready to hop in bed but tonight I feel energized and might take Moose for a longish night walk (still 30 degrees here).  This past weekend was great, the husband and I were both in town and spent a lot of quality time together and I got in some good workouts.  I hope all of you had nice weekends!  
Moose is too much in the picture below, usually when I head back to work in the afternoons she runs to her bed for her treat and doesn't even look to the door until I'm almost gone but on this day she ignored the treat and gave me those eyes....guilt! Does that face say don't leave me or what!

Today's post is about being ready for change versus wanting/saying you want to change.  

In college I took multiple classes on sport psychology and always remember the five stages of change when working with clients and it is so true:

Precontemplation: no intention to make a change in the foreseeable future. Unaware of a problem or desired result. Never thought about making a change.

Contemplation: become aware there is a problem or a change should be made and seriously start to think about making a change but you have made no commitment to make the change.

Preparation: intention to take action in the very near future. 

Action: start to make behavioral changes and start committing with both time and energy. 

Maintenance: continuing with the change for 6 months or more. The most challenging phase.

Over the past few years Ryan and I have had multiple conversations about him getting up early in the morning to exercise because planning a workout for lunch or after work can slip away if you get too busy or something comes up but when your workout is planned for 6am no real conflicts or meetings can get in the way. The only thing between a morning workout and you is your want/desire to continue sleeping and/or you have a newborn that might have kept you up all night (I feel for you clients).  Ryan has given many excuses in the past of why he can't get up and I just listen because you can't force change until someone is willing, ready, and done with the excuses.  About a month ago work got really crazy for him and lunch time workouts were no longer an option and night time is the only time we see each other so he and I prefer that he doesn't, so mornings became the only option.  He was missing his workouts and feeling horrible from being inactive so he was READY to do this!  We talked about how hard the first week or two might be but that his body would get used to waking up early and it would hopefully become more natural.  The first week was hard and the second week was a bit better.  Already in week 2 he was noticing he was more energetic during the day, he was eating healthier and making better decisions, and he overall felt better! 

So my point here is that he tried this before but was not ready to make the change, he was great at coming up with reasons why it just wouldn't work. Once you no longer give excuses for why you can't do something you are ready to give that change a try!  

As a trainer it is one of the most challenging aspects of working with clients. You can talk about strategies for change and give advice but the only person in control of what happens when that person walks out of their session is them.  Take control over your own health and happiness by making plans for change and putting them into motion.

I saw this and thought it was just too perfect!

I saw this and thought it was just too perfect!

Workout Plan for the Week:
Monday: Cardio/Strength interval Workout
Tuesday: Teach Bootcamp
Wednesday: Hot Vinyasa Yoga
Thursday: Teach Bootcamp and Pilates
Friday: 7 mile Run
Saturday: 5 Mile Run
Sunday: Hot Vinyasa Yoa

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