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Monetary Incentive to Losing Weight (Joining a DietBet challenge)

Posted Feb 03 2013 2:38pm

A few months ago, I was contacted by the people at DietBet to host a weight loss game. I kindly declined, because I was in the wrong mindset at the time and did not need any extra mental stress. I was in the midst of getting out of my chronic dieting mentality and wanted to learn to just live without worrying about losing weight all the time.

After not counting calories or dieting for 2 months now, I gained a few pounds. Actually, it looks like I am still yo-yo’ing although not as intensely as I did before. I have been trying to go off of my body signals rather than the clock, which caused my eating habits to become less consistent. Although I have found more freedom and found myself enjoying my life more and being able to focus on the right things, I still had my moments of weakness and near-binge mode. The past few days would go under the category of “weakness” and binge behavior has occurred, although not nearly as intense as they used to be.

I needed a change and I needed extra motivation.  I needed a way to stay consistent and motivated. I was being too allowing and I was eating whatever I wanted. But Spring is coming and I am not comfortable in my skin enough for warm weather. I want to be ready for summer when it comes.



So I decided to join a DietBet to keep me accountable this month. This DietBet will hopefully keep me dedicated and excited again about being healthy and active. Oh yeah, side note, being active has been a struggle lately too even though I am a part of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. I somehow got out of the fitness mentality and I am desperate to find my way back in. I need fitness back in my life and I need to find my motivation again.

I went on DietBet’s website to see what bets are about to start and I found one that had a lot of people in it. The Anti-Jared DietBet challenge looked the most interesting to me as it starts tomorrow and the pot is already very high. The starter bet was $50 but the current pot was already at over $12k. Why not make some money while losing 4% of my weight? I think that’s a good deal. The idea of potentially losing $50 or making extra money is a pretty cool idea. This is just the motivation I need to stay consistent.

I was dabbling the idea of going back on MyFitnessPal calorie-counter during the length of the DietBet challenge… But I decided against it. I am not ready to log every single bite I eat again, I know it makes me obsessive and I think it may bring me back into the chronic dieting mentality. I will eat intuitively – try focusing on eating more veggies and whole foods. I will eat less sugary foods. I will eat out less often, I have been eating lunch or dinner at restaurants and casual fast food places way too frequently and that needs to stop. Not only is my body suffering, my wallet is too.

At first when writing the previous paragraph, I started each sentence of the goals for the length of this weight loss challenge as “I will try to”… but then I read it over and I realized that did not look convincing. I don’t think “I will try to eat less sugary foods” is as motivating as “I WILL eat less sugary foods”. I changed each sentence from “I will try…” to “I WILL” to encourage myself and to show myself that I really truly AM serious about losing 4% of my weight for this challenge and making back to money I put in the pot and more.

I can do this!

Questions for you:

Have you joined any DietBet challenge before?

What are your tips for losing weight without counting calories?

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