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Monday Runspiration – 14 Weeks Out

Posted Apr 16 2012 12:33pm

I posted this picture about a week ago:

race for the cure

If you look close enough, you’ll see that this race was on Saturday morning, but I never made it to the finish line. Actually, I never even made it to the starting line. Friday was not my day, and I’ll tell you why:

my husband had to tell a certain someone it would mean a lot to me if he came to the race.

my hamstrings were beyond sore, and I reached out to my running friends on some tips for the soreness (thanks ladies!!!)

…my previously injured ankle started acting up.

and here’s the big one:

my heart suddenly wasn’t in it.

Yep. I just admitted it. After knowing Herrick had to convince someone close to me that it would mean a lot to me for him to be there, I suddenly felt like running this race wasn’t a big deal. Add in the pain I was experiencing and I found myself sitting quietly through dinner and through the rest of night…praying that I would wake up to some changes.

I didn’t.

I woke up to my dog making strange noises at 4AM, and my ankle was on fire. I realized it had everything to do with the fact that I had over stretched it and overdone it the week before. It throbbed, I could feel it radiating up my calf, and I could barely walk on it…so I walked away from the race. I have plans to run a half marathon at some point this year, and if my heart wasn’t in the race, why risk an injury to an already aggravated ankle, right? Exactly.

But I still spent most of my morning crying in bed.

And when my husband discovered that we never woke up to go to the race, I cried again. I had never signed up for a race and then walked away, and I felt like I had cheated myself out of an accomplishment. I wanted to throw myself a pity party, but instead, I sat on Pinterest and blew up my friends’ walls with running inspiration. And I made a decision to figure out my next move…and remember everything I’ve already accomplished.

trying my hardest Source found via Pinterest .

All those accomplishments I’ve already made got me motivated. All the runners I “know” that were in Boston prepping for today’s Boston Marathon got me inspired. I have so many amazing friends out there, too, that are training for races, and it got me pumped. And then it dawned on me:

I don’t do well without a set deadline.

Well, shit. I guess it’s time to find a 10K…no more messin’ around and making excuses. And guess what I found?

Not a 10K.

I found the very reason to set a date for my very first half marathon: my mom. The only half that I could see myself doing locally doesn’t happen until November. Sorry, Roanoke, you won’t be my first. My mom has been my biggest cheerleader all my life, and I knew, after the convincing my husband had to do, that all I’d have to say to my mom was “I’m racing.” And you know what I’d get? “What day and time and I’ll be there.”

So Chicago, here I come!

Yes, you heard right. I’m making my first half a destination race, and what better way to do it than with a friend (Jeannie!!) and with my mom and my beautiful family waiting for me at the finish line??

What race did I choose?

July 22nd is the big day!!!

And today, I got up, put my running shoes on, and slowly got through my first LEGIT training run.

Source found via Pinterest .

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