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Monday Round Up!

Posted Sep 10 2012 11:24pm

I definitely had every intention of getting this posted early. Maybe I should wait and post it so it will look like I meant to post it early Tuesday! Ha!!

So instead of something super exciting, you get the Monday round up! Woohoo!

As if Monday mornings aren't reason enough to jump out of bed with a smile on your face :-p
Today was run day (Yay! Seriously...I was SO ready!) But I find out that it is 46 degrees outside...
I only started running in May, so the worst I have endured is suffocating humidity and heat. The whole cold thing was new to me. And I have to tell you, I think my internal temp is broken because I am always cold. My feet are arguably the coldest EVER!
Needless to say, no cute running shorts for me today! It was 6:30am and still dark out...leggings and a hoodie!
Not too runner chic, but was see-your-breath cold!
Banged out an easy 3.3 miles. Felt amazing! Besides, iHeart Radio gave me a little Run DMC and Justin Bieber today~Gotta love that!
Sun was up when I got back home for my stretches and steam was coming off me. I thought that was pretty cool and I tried to take a pic, but all I got was this..
And I am only posting it to back up the saying, 'If you look cute when you're done, you didn't work hard enough!' Clearly...I worked plenty hard! ;)

Next pic is WAY better, I promise! Peaches & Cream Oatmeal (ok, they were nectarines..shh!) and Hot tea Packet of organic instant oatmeal (perfect for days when you are short on time!)1/2 of a nectarine1/4 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder 1/3 cup Unsweetened Flax MilkStevia and a bit of cinnamon 
Most amazing tea, seriously delicious!Whole Foods, once again, rocks my world! It warmed me up after my chilly run, and kept me company while I did some Anatomy & Physiology homework...not fabulous, so the tea definitely helped!
My food was the highlight of my day!I made the best snack ever!
 Homemade cinnamon crispsChocolate Pumpkin Dip with Dark Chocolate covered Sunflower SeedsPretty sure this will be on the menu...a lot!
 My day was NOT fun, I must admit. Biology was rough today. I didn't bother taking a picture of my monster sized salad, but it was delish, for sure. But dinner was pretty fun, and creative...

Pita Pizza with Organic spaghetti sauce, spinach, ancient sweet peppers, roasted broccoli slaw and Nooch 'cheese' sauce made with a hefty dose of garlic. Sprinkled some red pepper on it all and destroyed it! Ha! Ok, just one more picture, I promise!
I have a habit of taking all these workout pics of me and posting them, which is funny because I won't go to the store without make up on.
Not sure why I do it on my blog?!?
So, here you go: Yup, I am 43 years old (almost 44) and I decided that I can TOTALLY get away with Pocahontas hair today! HaHa! And see...I am not always sweaty and gross. Still rocking a sports bra, tank, hoodie and yoga pants though! ;-)
That was my Monday!I hope you had a great one and I promise you there will be some really good blogs one of these days!Ok, maybe just a whole bunch more sweaty pics of me and pics of my food.LOL!

  Sweat Pink!

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