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Monday Motivation for Group Fitness & Boston Here We Come!

Posted Jul 11 2011 6:00am

Boston Here We Come!

Everyone guessed correctly , we are moving to Boston!


Err rather we’re moving to the Boston area. Winking smile

Nick was hired by a great company located north of Boston so this week we will be apartment hunting in the North Shore. Nick grew up just west of the city so he’s quite familiar with the area and has family nearby.

From everything I have seen and heard about the North Shore I am quite excited. Not only will we be living near the ocean but I am looking forward to having a little more space to ourselves. Perhaps a little grassy area for a vegetable garden! (I’m not going to hold my breath for that one but it would be nice!)


Road Trip to Boston

Early yesterday morning we hugged Mosely and Carmie, said goodbye to my Mom, and hit the road!

boston here we come 1

(I love that Nick prefers driving over being a passenger because it allows me to do what I do best in cars – sleep!)

We hit a bit of traffic near New York City, otherwise it was smooth sailing!

boston here we come, manhattan

We arrived in historic Concord, Massachusetts mid afternoon and caught up with my Mother-in-Law who was nice enough to cook a delicious roast chicken dinner for our arrival. Yum!

dinner of homemade roast chicken dinner with broccoli and rice pilaf


Monday Motivation for 60 Minutes of Strength Training Check Up

There was no way that apartment hunting was going to cause me to miss out on writing another Monday Motivation post! Before digging into this week’s new topic, I wanted to do a quick check up on my 60 minute strength training challenge .

My awesome Friday morning boot camp classes helped me hit my 60 minute goal the last two weeks. However, both were legs and core focused so I need to add some more upper body exercises. This week I plan to incorporate a bunch of body weight strength training exercises into my runs and maybe do a solo morning boot camp.

How is your progress with toward the 60 minute strength training goal ?


Monday Motivation For Group Fitness Classes and Social Physical Activity

While chatting with fellow boot campers during our cool down on Friday, I began thinking about how much I am enjoying participating in social physical activities.

motivation for morning workouts stretching after boot camp class

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the quiet, meditative time that accompanies my runs with Mr. Mo. However, the boot camp classes and group bike rides have both breathed new life into my fitness routine. Here’s why…

#1 Group activities motivate me to push harder

Think about it – when you work out alone, do you push yourself the same amount, less, or harder than if you had buddies sweating beside you?

#2 Group fitness activities are great learning opportunities

Whether I’m working it in a boot camp class or strength training with a friend, I always learn at least one new exercise when I participate in a group fitness activity.

golf swing core and abs exercise

#3 They keep me social

In order to combat my sometimes shy tendencies, I always make an effort to introduce myself to the instructor and chat with at least one fellow participant whenever I attend a group fitness class. I never know what friendships or professional relationships might blossom from a simple introduction!

#4 Groups hold me accountable

Although my mom attends the Pure Intensity boot camp class on Fridays only, most participants workout with Sara every weekday. It’s much harder to sleep through an early morning workout when your instructor and fellow fitness friends are counting on your attendance!

#5 Group activities challenge me to do ‘scary’ things

Prior to my joining my mom on her Wednesday bike ride, I was pretty nervous about getting back in the saddle again. Left to my own devices I wouldn’t have bothered to deal with the nervous knots, which is exactly why I hadn’t biked in over a year!

15 miles into 36 mile bike ride

Thanks to the group ride, I had a reason to get back on my bike and remember that the risk that accompanies biking is worth the enjoyment of exploring and sweating it out in the fresh air and gorgeous sunshine!

I would love to hear from you…

Do you like group fitness classes and social physical activities? Why yes or no?

What is your favorite group fitness activity?

Stop by later today for a guest post from an unexpected (and adorable) contributor!

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