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Monday Makes Me Messy

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:04pm

There are no words for Monday. There is, however, a picture. (Mom, quick…look away!)

IMG 0149 thumb Monday Makes Me Messy

I woke up this morning to find that someone had ventured into my room, rummaged through my crap belongings, and left the various bits and pieces of my life strewn about my room leaving quite the mess. Can you believe the nerve!?

It couldn’t have been me…I would never leave my room this messy. No way, no sir, uh-uh. Definitely not.


Okay, I lie. But I’m mildly embarrassed to show you the mess. I’m actually quite the neat freak, although my mom would beg to differ Wink   The bed is always made before I leave in the morning, and everything in my room here at school is typically organized and in it’s proper place. Everyday, but Monday.


Luckily Monday has passed, and the week can finally get going. I woke up early this morning, hopped over the yoga mat, book and backpack you see lying on the floor there, and headed out for a 3-mile walk around campus. It’s a bit overcast today, but it’s setting the mood for a nice cozy day spent catching up on school work and finishing the last few papers and assignments before the end of classes next week.


I had planned to hop on the yoga mat right after my walk, but settled for a few minutes of quick stretching and ran straight for breakfast.

IMG 0144 thumb Monday Makes Me Messy

Instant oats. Paper bowl. Classy.


The rest of the day has been spent studying like a mad woman and of course, cleaning my room. I finally got to making the bed around 5:00pm. I have this thing where I can’t go to bed at night if I’m getting in an unmade bed. Just weird’s me out. And that fact just might weird YOU out…But anyway.


I’ll leave you with a funny video I saw last week and randomly thought of today. While out in public. Just so you know, laughing in public for no reason creates awkward stares. Learned that today…


So here you go. Please note that you have to have a light-hearted sense of humor for this one. Wink

 Monday Makes Me Messy
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