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Mommy Moment---Overwhelm

Posted Dec 13 2012 10:37am

While reading my friend Tamar's post yesterday I had to fight back the tears, as I could very much relate to what she was saying.  It has been a very trying time at my house lately.  My daughter is recovering from the flu, which my husband now has.  I'm exhausted and my washing machine is broken. No money for a new one so we are waiting for a part to come in. I'm actually writing this while at the laundromat.

There is just too much cooking, cleaning, walking dogs, etc to be done and what feels like not enough time or energy to do it all.  As Moms we shoulder a lot of the burden when it comes to the family chores.  If we don't keep going there is no clean laundry waiting in the drawers, no food on the table, dogs go without walks, lunches don't get packed, the house is a mess and so on.

With this kind of pressure and not too mention all the other things going on at work or school or life, its easy to feel like you are in way over your head.  Oh right and it's like 11 days till Christmas!  Sometimes you just feel like you are running in circles, the more you try to get done, the less you actually get done.  For instance my lovely friend Christine offered  to let me do wash at her house but I didn't want to give her more to do so went to the laundromat.  Now my clothes smell like they were doused in perfume and I can't stand it.  We use only unscented stuff here. 

So now what, I am in fact crying, frustrated and ready to give up.  But since I'm the mom I can't, there's just  too much to do.  So I'm going to take Tamar's advice I'm going to just give myself permission to feel crummy today and keep on going.  I don't have to feel like I'm walking on sunshine everyday and I don't have to pretend.   I will just do my best to carry on and have hope and faith that tomorrow will be better.  In fact getting some things done might just improve my mood, and maybe just maybe I won't feel so overwhelmed in the end.

When my kids get home I plan on giving them some big hugs, this usually does wonders for me.

I will also try to remember that these are just minor problems and there are people way worse off than me. I will allow myself to be miserable if I feel like it, while searching for inspiration and counting my blessings.  So off to pinterest I go in search of something to uplift my mood.

This time of year can be more stressful than any other, please remember to be good to yourself!

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