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Mommy Moment--Letting Go

Posted Aug 29 2013 12:29pm
Good bye

Last night I didn't get much sleep, thinking about this morning as it was my children's first day back to school.  I'm actually surprised we all got to bed as early and as easily as we did.  It's always a transition for us here, as I'm sure it is for many families.  

Over the Summer I gave a lot of thought to what I should, would and could do when my kids went back to school.  I thought a lot about all the things I wasn't getting done while they were home. I decided that when my kids went back to school I would try and get as much done as possible so that our evenings would run smoother.  Also the more I get done while they are gone the more time I have to just focus on them without feeling like there were other things that "needed" to get done.  They are growing up so fast and I would like them to look back and feel like I was really here for them. 

Besides my children I really love rescued animals and would like to give that some of my attention as well.  A year ago I intended to start a blog at and wanted my family to work together on this.  Let's just say things didn't go as planned but I would now like to give it a fresh start. 

I feel a pull toward my home and family right now and want to do the best job I can for them and myself.  So I have decided to limit the projects I take on so that I feel less stressed and really enjoy the things I'm doing. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am not the best manager of my time and also things come up that need my attention, so balancing my priorities is key.

So....that said, I too am leaving the blog.  My time here was filled with laughter, tears and above all growth.  I learned not only new things about myself as I wrote but as I read my sisters' posts.  We are all so busy with our families that we hardly ever get to sit down and have those deep meaningful conversations that feed your soul.  So it was through reading their words that I felt that connection to and with them. 

I will miss reading my beautiful friends' words each week but will still enjoy our daily snippets on Kik. I could never be totally without you gals, I just can't see how I would make it!

I have struggled with this decision as it feels hard to let go, like a loss of something wonderful. I also believe that where ever one door closes another opens, I hope that by letting go here I will be lead to another beautiful and meaningful path that will show me the next step in my journey.

Thank you all so very much for reading each week and your warm and heartfelt comments, I will definitely miss YOUR words as well.  I'm off now to take a little nap so I can be ready to go as soon as my kids get home and hopefully get a better nights sleep for not being over tired. 

                                                            I wish you all the best!

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