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Mommy Moment---Kids Working Together

Posted Aug 15 2013 11:30am

Yesterday I had more than had it with my children's constant and intense fighting, let's just say it had been a long day. They had stepped outside to help their dad with something when they found a butterfly. The poor thing was trying so hard to fly but couldn't because the tops of his wings were torn off.

  My husband being the softy that he is said we should take him inside and take care of him. he put him in a dish pan the poor thing was just flapping around trying to take flight. I could see just how nervous and distressed he was. Then my kids started doing something that happens rarely but touches me so deeply. They started working together.

They got a clear plastic shoe box from my son's room and put the butterfly in it. They decided he needed something to eat and went out to our backyard to cut some Butterfly Bush for him. When they placed it in the box the butterfly immediately perched himself on a flower and calmed down. When we went to bed they made sure to put him in a place where he would be safe and warm for the night.

As soon as my son got up this morning he went to check on "Buddy" and took the dogs outside to cut some fresh Butterfly Bush as the other had wilted overnight. He also thought he might need some water and that a bottle cap might be just the right size for it.

  It's so easy for me to get frustrated by all the fighting, especially in the Summer when they spend so much time together. I often forget that when it really counts they know how and enjoy working on a project together. It was also nice that they saw this little creature in need and jumped in to help him when they could have just suggested squishing him. I guess even through all the day to day nonsense we go through they are still learning some pretty valuable and sweet lessons.

  Hope you are enjoying the last little bit of Summer!

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