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Mommy Moment---Best Mother's Day Ever

Posted May 09 2013 11:58am
This post is part of a fabulous Mother's Day Contest courtesy of Nerdwallet . Check out the details here for inspiration, ideas, and thoughts on Mother's Day. 

We all know being a mother is a 7 day a week, 24 hour job.  Some days there are no lunch hours or coffee breaks and you can forget about over time pay.  I am constantly concerned about what my kids are putting in or on their bodies.  Is that food organic, does it have too much sugar, salt or fat?  Does that lotion or sunscreen have cancer causing chemicals? If it's a hot day I worry about heat related illness and dehydration, if it's freezing I worry about frost bite.  Is my daughter wearing clothing appropriate for school, are her shorts too short? Are they getting enough exercise? Is all my worrying scarring them for life?

And all that is when they are with me, when they are away from home it doubles LOL! Someday perhaps, when my children have babies of their own they will understand that I worry about them so much because I love them more than words can say.

With all the day to day have tos and frustrations it can be easy to get caught up and forget to let your family (including and especially mom) know that you love and appreciate them.  It's easy to focus on all the things your kids and partners do that drive you crazy, and to lose sight of why you love enjoy spending time with them.  I would like to relax on Mother's Day at our favorite fishing spot, eating pizza.  Away from the phone, computer and T.V.  No worries about money, carcinogens, homework, if someone is going to get sick or how clean my house is. 

 Time spent laughing and smiling and making memories with my children who will one day all too soon be grown and gone.  A day when I can look my husband in the eye and smile instead of giving him my usual look of disgust because he bought the wrong kind of cereal.  A moment where I can just remember what it feels like to know that I am doing a great job, and am so blessed to have two great kids and a wonderful husband that love me so much.

Maybe we could even take a moment to tell each other five things we like about one another.  If  I'm lucky  my kids will even remember the nice things they said about each other the whole year.  The day would end with us in our jammies, cuddled up on the couch with some poppy watching a funny movie.  Maybe RV with Robin Williams, that is one of our all time favorites.  Getting great big hugs and kisses from my son and daughter as I tuck them in after reading 39 clues to the family.  Going to bed with a heart filled to the top with love and gratitude for all my blessings.

For me it is about the experience we would share together as a family, after all I wouldn't be "Mom" without them. No gift that could be made or purchased beats the feeling I get from simply enjoying my family with no distractions.  It happens so rarely that it's way more precious than any diamond or pearl. This entire day would cost about 10 bucks and it would be by far the best 10 bucks we ever spent.

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!Seana 

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