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Mommy & Me Detox: Day 1

Posted Mar 08 2010 10:41pm

Hi everyone! Hope you all have had a wonderful Monday! I sure did!! :D

My mom and I kicked off our detox this morning with some matching juices:

Carrot and Romaine juice. Very sweet!

Followed by some Emergen-C :

My mom is battling through a cold right now, so I figured some extra Vitamin C couldn’t hurt either of us! I love the Lemon-Lime flavor. ;)

When lunch rolled around, I made us each a heaping bowl of my favorite salad:

Each serving had an entire bag of mixed greens, 1/2 a red pepper, 1 1/2 oz. raw goat cheddar, and my favorite vinaigrette . Yum-O. I was practically licking the bowl by the end! :D

After lunch, my exercise plans were put on hold due to my ridiculous back pain. I have suffered from sciatica in the past, and it is back in full-force! It hurts to sit!! And after sitting, it really hurts to get up and move around. :(   According to Dr. Oz, the best thing to do for back pain is to keep moving! If you rest too much, your back muscles will only weaken and make things worse. Running seems out of the question at the moment, but walking I can do! So my mom and I did a lot of it– we walked to Whole Foods for groceries, took my dog on a 2-mile walk, and trekked around the mall this evening. And you know what? My back is feeling a little better! We’ll see how an 8-hour work day goes tomorrow, though… eek! Who’d of thought I’d dread sitting?!

After our busy day of walking, I stayed on my feet by cooking dinner! I made some detox lasagna :

And some roasted brussels sprouts :

All together:

(mine was the sloppier plate– the first slice is always a mess!) Still tasted AWESOME. ;)

We also enjoyed a couple sips of wine while watching Jason & Molly’s wedding – I can’t believe the weather they had! I think it would be kinda fun to get married in the rain! Maybe not all that wind, though…

I’m off to bed! Hope you all have a great night!

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