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Mom Fashion: Cute Workout Clothes Boost Confidence

Posted Jan 15 2013 6:00am

One of the biggest myths I have ever heard is that stay-at-home moms sit around and get to do whatever they want all day.  Truth be told, I may or may not have had an opinion of that nature before I became a SAHM myself.  I now know how wrong I was.  I am just as busy now as I was when I was teaching … but now I also am 100% responsible for someone else’s well-being as well!  Due to a hectic schedule, I often find myself wearing my workout clothes on errands or informal meetings.  When I first had Emmie my fitness fashion consisted of old, baggy running shorts and t-shirts.  I had no idea how much a well-structured pair of workout pants could change how I felt and looked.  In my personal opinion (and feel free to disagree with me), cute workout clothes can help boost your confidence.  Or at least they did with me.


When I put myself together in the morning and get ready for the gym, I feel good.  I like how my clothes fit, I like bright colors, and I feel like I am making progress towards my goals.  Much more so than I did when I wore ill-fitting and old stuff.  I worked hard to get my body back after baby and I kind of like showing it off at the gym.  Plus, if I have to run to the grocery store after the gym, I feel like I can be seen in public without hanging my head in shame.  While there are many expensive fitness companies on the market (and I still love those), I need more affordable options since I wear my gym clothes 80% of the time.  Enter .  I wrote about getting to pick out $50 worth of attire the other day and now I have had a chance to actually use my purchases.  And I love them even more.


Old Navy Compression Capris #GetYourActiveON

I wore my to the gym on Friday and kicked my booty.  I started with 20 minutes of HIIT on the stepmill, did a CrossFit WOD (3 RFT: 100m walking lunges, 50 squats, 20 back extensions), and finished up with the elliptical and core.  The compression capris stayed dry thanks to the moisture wicking fabric and moved well through my entire workout.  I am so obsessed I immediately went to an Old Navy in Phoenix and bought another pair in grey with my own money.


Old Navy Active Padded Cami



Yesterday, I sported my and the new pair of compression capris to the gym for a stepmill workout and another CrossFit WOD (150 wall balls for time).  I am fairly small chested now that I am done breastfeeding so I had enough support with the built in bra.  Again, the moisture wicking fabric kept me dry and everything felt great while I was working up a sweat!


The best part?  My mom and I had to run to Target after the gym and grabbed some lunch too.  I put on the GoDRY running top over my cami and was good to go.  I felt confident going into the stores and didn’t feel like a slob.  Instead, I felt like a fit and fashionable mama!  My favorite thing about the is the prices and don’t forget to check out their sale!  The entire line is up to 40% off until tomorrow. January 16!  Need some ideas on what to buy?  I put together some style boards to help you out ;)


The Runner


For Running
For Running by foodfitnessandfamily featuring old navy







The Yogi


Old Navy Yoga
Old Navy Yoga by foodfitnessandfamily featuring old navy 1.  




For CrossFit

For CrossFit
For CrossFit by foodfitnessandfamily on Polyvore





The Mom-To-Be


Maternity Fitness Style
Maternity Fitness Style by foodfitnessandfamily featuring old navy





At the end of the day, life is too short to wear ugly workout clothes ;)


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