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MOM’s Organic Market

Posted Jun 20 2012 5:03pm

We have a store nearby called MOM’s Organic Market , MOM for short.  It was a small store with a tiny parking lot, and they didn’t carry everything I needed, so if I shopped there I would also have to shop somewhere else.  But this month they moved to a larger location and now it is a fantastic place to shop.

moms organic market

What I like about it is that ALL of their produce is organic.  So I can buy everything, and if something isn’t available, it is because it isn’t organic.  At Whole Foods they carry organic and “conventional” produce and it is all mixed together which makes it hard to find things.  But at MOM’s I can just wander through the produce department picking out what looks good and I don’t have to check the label to see if it is organic.  Easy!

And they have some products that Whole Foods doesn’t carry.  Two of them I have been looking for, Wildwood Garlic Aioli, and Daiya cheese in the block.

     daiya cheese block 2

Here is what the cheese looks like out of the packaging:


daiya cheese block 1

Looks like fake cheese, doesn’t it?  Kind of like a white version of Velveeta, which isn’t cheese either.

I sliced some to put on my veggie burger, and it melts nicely:


veggie burger daiya cheese 3 veggie burger daiya cheese 2

Then I put it on a bun with the Wildwood Garlic Aioli.

veggie burger daiya cheese 1

I have to say, this was pretty darn good.  The flavor of the cheese is “jack style”, so it has a nice taste, and it is salty.  Maybe too salty.  It kind of tastes like cheese, but if you have never had cheese, or not in a long time, you would think it is cheese.

The Garlic Aioli was delicious!  I will be putting this on everything.

I also got these cookies at MOM’s:

uncle eddies cookies 1

uncle eddies cookies 2

uncle eddies cookies 3

So good!  These are soft and chewy cookies in the oatmeal chocolate chip flavor, which is my personal favorite type of cookie.  I don’t know who Uncle Eddie is, but his cookies are divine!


  • Daiya block cheese                     75
  • Wildwood Garlic Aioli                95
  • Uncle Eddie’s cookies              100

MOM’s also has a lunch counter with salads and sandwiches.  I got a black bean burger, and I have to say it was about the worst veggie burger I have ever had.  It had the consistency of dog food and tasted like mashed sweet potatoes, which is what it probably was.  What a disappointment.  Even the pretzels were awful.

Stuff like this gives vegan food a bad name.

moms burger 1

moms burger 2


  • MOM’s black bean burger           0
  • MOM’s pretzels                             10

Sorry MOM.  I love your groceries, your lunch counter, not so much.

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