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Molly Mug Monday. Silver Lining=Swimming.

Posted Feb 10 2013 8:08pm

This past weekend was spent in St. Louis with my family and friends!  It is so lucky when you get to spend two full days with absolutely nothing to do but relax, shop, eat, and you have no where to be but with your parents and friends.  Last week I took myself to the doctor to finally have a nagging pain in my foot looked at.  It was one of those injuries that I knew exactly what it was and I was in a bit of denial.  I have lovely little stress fracture and some tendinitis in my left foot.  My activities are restricted to swimming, recumbent biking, upper body and core strengthening exercises. And, I get to live in a very sexy boot for two weeks!  The silver lining in all of this; a re-evaluation of my activities and getting back to swimming.  Stress fractures are due to overuse, this is the way of my body telling me I am doing too much of something and need to slow down and change up my routine. I have been trying to get back to swimming for two years. I have had my swimsuit in my bag the entire time but I get to the gym and look at my running shoes and just can't walk away from them.  So this is the silver lining...SWIM.

Saturday morning I woke up and took out the old Speedo, in all seriousness it has not been worn in maybe 10 years.  It fit!  I forgot just how unflattering those suits are and how high cut they are in front! (picture not posted because no one needs to see that by choice)  I looked like my 14 year old self getting ready for a swim meet, all I needed was my swim cap and shammy towel.  I hit the recumbent bike for 35 minutes and attempted to work up a sweat and then took myself to the pool.  I dipped my toes in the pool and to my surprise it was warm. I hopped in and took off pretty fast.  After 3 laps I realized that I am not in swimming shape and turned it down a little but lasted a full 25 minutes, not bad.  When you start a new cardiovascular activity, say biking or swimming and you typically run you have to remember that your body adapts to the stress placed upon it.  It is a concept in the fitness industry referred to as SAID (specific adaptations to imposed demands).  The stress brought on by swimming and the muscles used is very different from running.  Just because I can hit the pavement for an hour does not mean that that endurance will transfer to the pool, so it will take some training to get there. At the end of the 25 minutes I was ready to get out and felt a good fatigue.  I am happy to be adding it into the routine for the next 2 weeks and I think it is going to stick. GOAL: be able to swim 1 mile in a month.

My first pup!  She's looking great at 12 1/2.  Look at that white face:-)

Workout Plan for the WeekSunday: OFF
Monday: Recumbent bike for 35 minutes, Swim for 25 minutes
Tuesday: Upper Body Strength Workout and Pilates (non-weight bearing exercises)
Wednesday: Recumbent bike for 30 minutes, Swim for 30 minutes
Thursday: Upper Body Strength Workout and Pilates (non-weight bearing exercises)
Friday: Core Strength Program and 30 minute swim
Saturday: OFF

Have a wonderful Monday!

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