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Mojo Jar Monday - what's this week's challenge?

Posted Sep 17 2012 7:11pm
Here we are in our third week of doing the Mojo Jar challenges and dare I say, I think this little game is doing it's job!  With so much training and racing in a year it can get a little mundane and routine.  I think having these little challenges to try and incorporate each week has kind of revived a bit of fun in my running which was exactly what we were hoping it would do!

Last week the challenge was to go on a #runventure and try a new route.  My Goofy training group runs in totally different places than I am used to, so it was fun venturing out into new territory and exploring a little.  My partner in crime Cori completed her challenge during a mojo-boosting brand new 5k race where she even earned herself a shiny new PR!  Way to go Cori!

So this week it was Cori's turn to draw from the jar and this is what she pulled out

This week's Mojo Jar Challenge is
Pretend you're racing to the finish line and sprint the last 3 mins of your run!

Fun, huh?  Maybe you already do this on your runs but I find I like to coast in at the end of a training run.  But, on race day, nothing feels better than pouring it on at the very end and finding you still have some juice left in your legs.  Great feeling.  I think reminding myself to push hard right until the last step will be a great mojo-booster this week.  Since this one's a pretty easy one to incorporate, I think I'll try to do it for all of my weekday runs this week.

Will you?

In other news, have you heard about the Virtual Half Goofy race?  Ever wanted to do the Goofy but just weren't sure?  Well how about a half Goofy?  Curious?  Interested?  Totally in?  Check it out here .
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