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Moisturizing With A Good Stretch Marks Cream

Posted Feb 18 2009 12:07pm 1 Comment

If you are expecting I’m sure you know there are many things you have to think about and start planning for. You have to start taking your prenatal pills, stop drinking alcohol, make your doctors appointments, but what many expecting mothers tend to forget is to regularly apply stretch cream. Some women only do it once a day, but it needs to be several times a day because when your skin lacks in moisture, it will rip the collagen much easier when your belly is growing. A stretch marks cream will make a huge difference in the strength of your skin.

Using a pregnancy stretch mark cream can be tedius but you will be happy you did when you notice how few stretch marks have appeared towards the end of your pregnancy and appear after having your baby. Depending on the type of stretch marks cream you decide to use, most creams should be applied in a massaging, circular, motion to the belly, the thighs, the breasts, the back and the buttocks. Apply it at least three times daily or more so that you won’t start to see the skin becoming tight or dry.

Even though most woman don’t start showing or noticing their stomach growing until about 3 months into their pregnancies, it does not mean you should wait until then to start applying stretch cream. The sooner the better because you want your skin to be more elastic and stronger before you start showing. As soon as you find out that you have a baby on the way you should start moisturizing those areas immediately. You might still see some stretch marks beginning to form during your pregnancy even though you are persistently applying the pregnancy stretch mark cream, but this is probably a result from gaining weight rapidly. Also, some women may be predisposed to having many stretch marks but only notice a few if they use the stretch cream regularly.

Your body still needs a great amount of attention after your pregnancy. If stretch marks have appeared, you want to treat them immediately. The first year after your pregnancy is the most important time to treat scars with cocoa butter, vitamin E and other ingredients you would find in a good stretch cream. You still have a chance at healing and fading your stretch marks healing within the first year after pregnancy. After that, usually the only option left is laser removal. Laser removal can also be quite expensive.

You should make applying a powerful stretch cream a daily routine and do your best to use the cream accordingly and rigorously. Your body needs the moisture and will become stronger and more stretchable. Applying a cream and preventing excessive weight gain are your best prevention tools to avoid getting stretch marks. Stretch mark prevention is key.

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I never review products but I had to write about this one. I've always been very skeptical with stretch mark creams because it never works for me and my skin is super sensitive so if I happen to choose the wrong one, I WILL get a bad rash. My friend actually mentioned the Dr. Max Powers "Stretch Mark Treatment" to me saying it made her skin feel super smooth. I tried hers and was sold. I was skeptical at first because I thought it was just men's workout products, but they had a stretch mark cream for the body builders I guess. I had visible stretch marks on my belly from the pregnancy and now its so light I can barely see them. On top of that, my skin seriously feels so smooth (the husband loves this btw!). I just bought my second one and it still works great! As an online shopper, I find myself to be very skeptical about buying "certain" products online. For me, I was pretty adamant about getting my stretch marks lightened up; not knowing anything about which products to try, I was referred to try this one. The price was reasonable, the product looked good, so I decided to give it a shot. After about 4 weeks I started noticing my marks slowly fading away. If anyone is really serious about getting their stretch marks taken care of; I would highly recommend the Dr Max Powers Stretch Mark product.
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