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Model Monday, Alicja

Posted Feb 20 2012 10:00am
Hey Lovers!!
Its Monday and new week have began! Im so exhausted of today, but I am so excited to share Model Monday with you guys! Today you will find out who is Alicja!!
I met Alicja last summer while I was in Tokyo and she is one of the special ones who I will remember forever. Her laziness levels are pretty high, but the levels of her positive energy and happiness are higer that anything else what I ever have seen. She can make you laugh with most ridiculous things and her smile is making you smile. There should be more people in the world with this attitude what makes you want to shine with them!
*Name: Alicja Chruszczyk *Age: 20 *From: Poland *Agencys: United4Models in Poland, Zucca Tokyo, Muse in NYC *Current City: Warsaw *Where Next: China, apparently  *5 Things always in my bag: MY LOVELY IPOD ♥, phone, wallet, sth to drink, lip gloss (there is like 7 of them in my bag right now and i can never find any, weird) *I never travel without: MY LOVELY IPOD ♥ *Favorite place: NYC ooh yes *Dream client: oh, i don’t know, the one who’s nice and generous *Beauty Tip: SMILE! *Secret of my body: there is none, to be honest. i was born and die skinny with no boobs ;) *Workout(yes/no, why, where, what): yes, but only when i feel like it, no forcing myself. which means i play volleyball or swim when i’m tired of being lazy once a month *Kitchen trick: my special kitchen trick is whining and crying till my mom makes me a sandwich. plus i’m also really good at buying ready made food. i really need to learn how to cook! *Special meal (favorite dish, restaurant, recipe or whatever is your special meal): sushi, hell yes *Must get done in this year: a tattoo! and persuade my sister it would be nice to have a cat at home. plus i really want to take a break from my uni and focus on working and travelling *Must get done in my life: see the whole world and then move to some warm place, i’m sick and tired of cold and dirty Poland :p Barcelona maybe? *State of Mind: retarded! *Story what I will tell to my grandkids: nothing particular in my mind right now, but i’ll make sth up before having grandkids i hope :D  *Every Morning: i wanna go back to bed *Before I go to bed: i’m extremely happy about the fact that i’m going to bed  *Inspired by: almost every person i know, everyone has sth u can admire and get inspiration from  *I Love to: omg, that would be a lot of writing. long story short i love to eat and sleep and be hugged *Advice for Life: live your dreams people! and no regrets! She is also one of the Beauties who did Shel´tter campaign with me (video on the right side of the blog) My biggest Thank You to Alicja and I hope you all enjoyed her Tips and Tricks from life! Also dont forget to check previous Model Mondays with Alina, Kati and Kersti! Follow me on twitter Helenaounxoxo Love Life and Dont forget to Smile! xoxo Helena
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