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Mmm Wine, Gift Excitement, & Calling All Mac Users

Posted Jan 28 2013 9:41am

So this weekend I did prettttty good on my whole continuing phase 2 of my food detox thing. I ate [mostly] clean all weekend, which was hard. However,I did have my first glass of wine in over a week last night. OVER. A. WEEK!!!

wine2 It was the most wonderful thing in the world.

I drank that before dinner and slightly considered just consuming the bottle alone for dinner.

wine But I didnt, I exercised some serious self control and kept it to one dainty glass.


And I have something amazing super-duper exciting fantastic to share.

No, Kona is not having cute little brown babies. She’s too busy sleeping for all that.

dog3 Okay really, it is only amazing super-duper exciting for me.

As per usual in this household, we get KIND of excited about gifts. Like, the giving them part. Torrance and I are both so horribly guilty of getting so excited about a present that we bought for the other person that 80% of the time we end up giving it to them before the occasion because we just cant wait.

Even a small present. One time, we had a trip planned to Belize in late January and Torrance was so excited about a really nice pair of sunglasses he had gotten me for Christmas for the trip and he was so excited about them that he ended up making me open it 2 days before Christmas. (PS: getting sunglasses in December, at Christmas in Alaska is not typically exciting, considering you wont even get to see sun for like, 3 more months).

In this case, my birthday is Friday. As in this coming Friday, February 1st.

We had talked about gifts and there is hardly anything that I wanted (which is rare). But, if I dont give him ideas and leave him to his own demise… I will end up with… who even knows (Tupperware?)

So (this is related, promise) the last month he has been whining about how he needs new shoes badly (since he is on his feet all day for work).

He always puts it off because he dreads going to the mall, but me, being the awesome girlfriend that I am (and sick of hearing him complain) nicely made him go to the mall to get that shit taken care of this weekend. Surprisingly, he was almost excited to go.

Excited because he was going to "surprise" me with my birthday present while we were there.

Seriously, he has gotten to the point where he is so excited that he has resorted to just bringing me to the store with him now, haha (kidding).

But it was a really nice surprise. He brought me into the Mac store to get a MacBook that I have been hoping and dreaming of.


Since he is not good with computers, he wouldnt even know where to begin on picking one out, which is why he brought me to pick out what I wanted. Which was smart of him because I hadnt really even talked about what models, etc because I just started to research them last week since a MacBook has been a distant dream for a while considering the hefty price tag, I was going to wait until I really needed a new computer (which that time has come, thus me starting my research last week).


But I love Apple, and I am always so jealous of everyone when I see them with their MacBooks, I’m not gonna lie.

So anyway, it was a really good surprise for me and I am super excited about it and Torrance gets a bazillion brownie points.

I havent had a ton of time to play around with it yet (its on my agenda tonight). So, you Mac users out there – I will need some app suggestions!

(If you are wondering, I opted for the 13” MacBook Pro – without the retina display. It was the most bang – as far as storage, etc – for the buck yet still light and sleek enough to make it easy to travel with).


  • If your birthday was next week, what would you ask for right now?
  • Do you get overly excited about giving gifts like we do?
  • Mac users: give me some suggestions for “must have” apps or any other cool tricks or tips I may need to know! I’m a newbie!

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