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Minnesota Blogger Conference

Posted Sep 11 2011 12:23pm
I completely failed. To let you know. [if you don't follow me on Twitter] That I was attended Blogging Conference this weekend! To be honest, this conference has kind of been off my radar with the start of school; hence my fail to keep you in the loop. Here is a [small] little recap of yesterday.

The Minnesota Blogger Conference is an annual event for all types of bloggers: corporate, food, lifestyle, nonprofit, weightloss, etc. It was interesting to see the range and amount of bloggies that are based here in the Minneapolis area. I was star struck, when I found out PriorFatGir l was there! eee! It's always kind of cool to meet a blogger in real life; it really makes your online connection with them come alive.

We are going to talk fashion first, just because I want to. So, I have a large large closet. I'll admit to that. I probably spend way too much money on clothes. [we all have our ishh-oos] BUT, even with a large wardrobe, I have always struggled to find an outfit that is "casual but dressy." I call myself a day person, because I have lots of presentable day clothes. When it comes to conferences and going to the bars- I got nothin'. Here is what I put together yesterday.

Very collegie to say the least. I was probably the youngest bloggie there, so I guess it really didn't matter what I was wearing. Also, I just realized I am not wearing shoes in this photo, that's because I went barefoot.
GOTCHA- I wore pink ballet flats ;)
Switching gears a little bit. I was only able to stay at the conference for the morning part. I was still able to attend three sessions.
The first one was the keynote speaker, Lee Odden : Blogs to Riches. Based on this guys name, I could already tell he was going to be a winner ;) Lee is in the digital Marketing World. He spoke about his story of essentially accidentally becoming successful based off of blogging; until he realized, of course, how important blogs were and started purposefully using it as a marketing tool. Here are a few take aways:
-Wordpress is your friend, get rid of Blogger. Wordpress has built a built in SEO tool that Google loves.   -Link Link Link Link. Link to other people, blogs, corporations, brands, etc. They will link back to you and increase your traffic! -Crowdwource. Ask your readers what they want to see. -Want to know how your blog ranks organically [even though it shouldn't matter!]? go to to find out analytical information about your bloggie.  -Engage with your readers. duhhh -Be creative. Creativity > Content
The second session I went to was a photography session with Mandy Dwyer. I'm so glad I went to this; I got a lot of great food photography tips. 
- When shooting food, light your subject from behind or the side to get the best detail. -Don't use your flash! It will drown out all of small detail. -The best time to take photos is 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset because you get the best lighting. TOTALLY DIDN'T KNOW THIS. -If you have bad lighting in your kitchen, which I do, Mandy recommended Lowel Ego Lights. -Photoshop is your friend. When retouching your photos use levels and the sharpening tool. -When shooting with a DSLR, you will almost always have to retouch your photos. -If you are uploading pictures to your blog, rename them! It helps Google find you.

The last session I went to was a panel about Building Communities Online and Offline. Another one of my daily reads was on this panel- Stephanie Meyer from Fresh Tart Steph [who btw is adorable in real life].  Jen Emmert, Ian Schwartz, and Meghan Wilker were also on the panel. In a nutshell and through their amazing stories I learned that: -Your offline blogging community is just as important as your online. -Some readers suck, and leave really mean comments. [kill em' with kindness] -Blogging should NOT be a burden. -Bloggers matter more than you think to the influence of their readers!
Few that was a lot of mumbo jumbo. Now onto lunch. TACO BAR!
They had three kinds of taco meat: chicken, beef and beans. I made a big ol' taco salad with lettuce, beans, chicken, and a butt ton-a salsa. I also had a side of fruit. Who am I kidding. I went up for seconds. I got another plate this size.
Here is what the venue looked like. Look at all these bloggies!

Anyways- the weather is way too perfect to be inside. I am going to go for a nice little run and cook up some goodies I got from the Farmers Market (Stay tuned for a FM post coming up shortly :) )
So this conference got me thinking. I have kind of been all of the boards lately, posting not only about food and exercise, but DIY projects, sewing, fashion, etc. Do you like this? I like to think of FFF as sort of a lifestyle. Sometimes, people can assume that because my blog is called "Fit Foodie Finds," that they should stop by only for healthy recipes. Well lez face it, that gets a little boring, right?
What do you want to see on FFF?
What do you like and don't like (fashion, food, workouts, etc.)
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