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Mineral water instead of plain water so that the skin premature aging

Posted May 07 2013 10:29am
  We often because just like or think is healthy alternative with some food preferences are not interested in food, this diet "double" is a lot of people have the misunderstanding. As everyone knows, it is convenient "double", you farther and farther away from health.
  Busy with work pressure and hectic pace of life, so many modern city often difficult to maintain a healthy diet practices, for example,  cheap hermes outlet   some eat eat, not eating, gulping can improvise a meal.
  Vices: instant noodles instead of breakfast
  Regular consumption of instant noodles instead of breakfast, is very unfavorable to human health and development. To maintain the body's normal physiological metabolic needs six elements,  Hermes shoes women   the main component of instant noodles carbohydrates and other nutrients. Therefore, if long-term instant noodles instead of breakfast, can cause dizziness, fatigue, weight loss, heart palpitations, lethargy, severe weight loss,  Hermes bracelet sale   muscle atrophy and other nutritional deficiencies performance.
  Vices: fruit instead of vegetables
  Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, for this reason, many people think that as long as a day to eat fruit, eat, or eat vegetables anyway. In fact, the vegetables are essential food after food, it is more effective to promote the body absorb protein, fat, carbohydrates three major nutrients. If people only eat animal foods, protein absorption rate of 70%; and eat vegetables, the absorption rate of up to 90%. Furthermore, the unique plant vegetables containing crude fiber can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, play to aid digestion,  Cheap hermes belt   and the role of anti-colorectal cancer.
  Vices: fresh vegetables instead of frozen vegetables
  If it is just vegetable plots picked fresh vegetables, this argument without any problems. But in fact most of the vegetables we eat are not so fresh, are usually stored in a few days, gradually lost the vitamin is also stored. In contrast, frozen vegetables will be able to maintain more vitamins, because after picking vegetables, refrigerated, Cheap hermes wallets    could prevent the loss of vitamins.
  Vices: mineral water instead of drinking water
  Many people say that mineral water rich in minerals, do not drink boiled water, all with mineral water instead of mineral water will be contaminated by harmful substances in the land. cheap hermes handbags outlet  Recently, the Dutch scientist of bottled mineral water analysis, found that the mineral water are more susceptible to dangerous germs and bacteria contamination. Although these bacteria may not have a healthy body to pose little threat, but for those with weakened immune systems,  cheap hermes bags   the bacteria in bottled mineral water may result in considerable danger.
  Vices: meat instead of fish
  Eat pork, eat or not eat fish is the habit of the majority Han people. Although both protein content and absorption rate is insignificant, but the composition of the fat there is a huge difference. cheap birkin bags  Fish fat contains more certain polyunsaturated fatty acids, fatty acids on the brain development of children and the prevention of cardiovascular disease plays a useful role. hermes purses outlet  Meat, especially beef and mutton, fatty acids to saturated, excessive intake is not conducive to health.
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