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Mid-Month Recap!

Posted Sep 14 2012 5:47am

Today is my last day on the inpatient neurology unit.  I am actually pretty sad.  I currently have 2 patients with pretty severe diagnoses and I have grown to really care about these people and their families.  I don’t want to leave them before they leave the hospital!

Next week I start outpatient neurology which I’m sure will be an amazing experience as well.  I also have some great stories coming up on the blog from people who have personally experienced neurologic illnesses… stay tuned!

I also want to make a blog announcement… but first lets go through yesterday!

I was up early and ready for something cool and sweet, so I made a greek yogurt concoction with flax seeds, sliced almonds, peaches, and bananas.  Half the morning was spent preparing and packing lunch for the day.  I didn’t feel like anything really… and I had a ton of kale that was about to go bad.  So, I blended the kale up with egg whites and almond milk, added a scoop of protein powder, and made the biggest, greenest pancake ever!

The rest of the kale went into the oven to make Kale chips.  I love kale chips but I guess I have never packed them and brought them to school because I learned a valuable lesson yesterday:

Kale chips stink to no end!  As soon as I opened my lunchbox, the entire room cleared out!  hahaha I’m serious!  Those were some stinky chips.

I packed Pad Thai leftovers and some salmon and veggies, but I really wasn’t feeling it.  I had a few bites and then decided to wait until I was home to make something more satisfying.

A grilled cheese with pear on top of lettuce with a few slices avocado was exactly what I wanted.  I only used one piece of Ezekiel bread but I loaded it up with cheese and pear, toasted it, and scarfed it down!  YUM!!

Later in the evening, I mustered up the energy to workout.  I was feeling extra lazy, but the best way to change that is to put on the Biggest Loser and get going on my treadmill.

25 min. on the treadmill followed by a leg workout done!

Leg Workout with Dumbbells:

Repeat each exercise 10 times, then repeat the entire circuit 3 times.  I used 20lb dumbbells.

1.  Squats- put dumbbells up on your shoulders

2. Stability ball in and out- lie on floor with feet on stability ball and dumbbells on thighs. Keep hips pressed up to the ceiling and roll the ball in and out.  This one is hard!!

3.  Dead lifts

4. Outer thigh raise- lie on one side with dumbbell on upper leg.  Bend legs 90 degrees and keep knees in line with hips.  Raise upper leg and lower, but don’t touch knees together!

5.  Inner thigh raise- same thing, but with the inner leg.  You won’t get a lot of movement with this exercise, but you can feel it!

6.  Calf raises

Then I did this workout:  There is no way you can watch this without cracking up.. This girl is hilarious.

And I finished up with a Blogilates Cardio workout, using my biggest textbook :-)


And now for my big blog announcement!  I am almost to my 100th post!  I can’t wait to push ‘publish’ and see that I have written 100 posts on this silly little blog that has quickly become my obsession :-)

Let’s do something fun for the 100th ok?  Maybe a workout challenge?  Or a giveaway?? What do you all think?

Have a great day!


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