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Michael Season’s Winner, Wine, Run, and Sushi!

Posted Apr 11 2011 5:25am

Hello! It is 4:30am right now and I am half asleep and blogging.  I was planning on waking up at 5:00am for intenSati but happened to pop out of bed at 4:15am. I would have loved those extra 45 minutes of sleep but I just knew there was no way! A little frustrating but at least I can get some blogging done! I have a delicious espresso drink next to me so I am all good. Anyway, hope everyone had a nice weekend! I can sum up my Saturday and Sunday in three words: run, sushi, and alcohol.

On Saturday, I decided to go for a run in Flushing-Corona Park. The weather was perfect and I’ve been trying to get a lot of running in before my 5K in May! I ended up spending over an hour running and walking around the park because it was so relaxing and pretty!

I jogged about one mile to the park and ran another two miles around the track. It was really hard for me and my legs felt super heavy. I ended up walking the rest of the time because I did not want to overdo it. My Nike+ Ipod told me that I was running at a pace of 9:17 for the first mile. I don’t think it is very accurate because I usually run 10 minute miles. If it is correct, it probably explains why I could not run for very long! I have to remember to go slower if I want to last during my 5K!

Later that day, my roommate and I headed to Chikurin for a sushi feast! There is nothing like a cold beer after a run!

I started off with some salad with ginger dressing.

And some edamame.

We decided to try out the Sashimi Deluxe platter. I believe there was salmon, tuna, white fish, yellowtail, and…I’m not too sure what else. This stuff kind of freaks me out but I did love the tuna and salmon!

Much better…

We got a Spicy Tuna roll and an Eel Avocado roll. Much more enjoyable to me than the chunks of raw fish.

After sushi, I headed into the city and met Mari and her boy at the bar for his birthday. After walking around the Village for about an hour trying to find a good spot, we ended up at Fat Black Pussy Cat . Gotta love the name!

I enjoyed three Fat Black Pussy Cat drinks. These things are awesome!

Somehow I managed to wake up bright and early for intenSati on Sunday! I am so happy I went because Darbi’s class was amazing! There was so much energy in the room and I completely forgot how hungover I was once I started working out. I am heading to her class again in about a half hour!

My friend from class had a very smart idea for our lunch date. It involved sushi and a bottle of wine! I figured there really is no better way to cure a hangover than to drink a bottle of wine at 12:00 in the afternoon the next day! We ended up at Edo Sushi in Union Square.

I started with a Crunchy Spicy Tuna roll.

This was very good but my second roll was way better!! I got the “Deep Impact” roll.

Deep Impact: tuna, salmon and avocado roll topped with spicy crabmeat and caviar. They use real crabmeat there and the fish tasted very fresh. We hung out there for about two hours and were the only two people in the restaurant! After a bottle and an extra glass of wine, we stumbled home. No better way to spend a Sunday!

A few hours later, I managed to go on a 20 minute run with my roommate! We are serious about this race! I was feeling a little nauseous from all of the wine but felt much better after a Tower Diner omelet and waffle fries!

My roommate and I seriously live at Chikurin and the Tower Diner. So so good. Tonight we have another run planned since it is going to be 80 degrees out! Can’t wait! I am off to the gym now! Have a great day!

Time to announce the  Michael Season’s Kettle Cooked Chip Winner!

The winner of the Michael Season’s chips, tote bag, t-shirt, and chip clip is…..

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2011-04-11 09:12:32 UTC

28- Melissa: “Cape Cod Salt & Vinger…now I want some….

Congrats Melissa! Please shoot me an email with your address! Thank you to everyone who entered!

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