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Michael Jordan,Brett Favre & Brad Stupek

Posted Mar 27 2010 5:54am

I was thinking about Michael Jordan and Brett Favre as I watched Brad Stupek "cave-in" to the pressure put on him by the President and the Democratic gang to vote for the Obama Health Care Bill had violated his values and religious beliefs.  Although he rationalized his "cave-in", his moral weakness and lack of mental fitness cannot be ignored or denied.

What if Michael Jordan "caved in" like Brad Stupak?  Imagine how famous Michael Jordan would be if he refused to take the decisive shot at the end of a playoff game?  What if Michael Jordan said "I can't make a shot", put the ball on the floor and walked away? 

You get my point.  Michael Jordan was true to himself!  Michael Jordan never ran away from making the difficult shot!  Michael Jordan never gave in to the pressure from the opposition! 

Think about Brett Favre.  Can you imagine him spiking the ball at the end of the game, when he could throw a touchdown pass and when he could win football game?  Can you imagine Bett Favre purposely losing the game?  Can you imagine Brett Favre being influenced by the opposition to the point that he betrays his teammates, his fans, his management in order to let the opposition win?

By now you have realized that professional athletes have clarity of purpose, courageous commitment to their team and fans and the mental fitness to never waver in the pursuit of victory.  In sports there are no "political" agreements made on the sidelines that determine the outcome of the game!

Agreements are made by the players with nefarious associates to determine the outcome of a game, criminal charges are filed and players are excluded from the league.  Remember Pete Rose.

Don't you wish that the politicians had the same moral convictions, allegiances to their team and fans, mental fitness and strength of character as we see in sports?

Maybe it's time to elect sports commissioners to run a government!  Maybe it's time to elect athletes as a Congressman and Senators!

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