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Miami, Budgeting, Vespas & Pole Dancing.

Posted May 04 2011 10:12am

I’ve been inspired lately. Unfortunately, not inspired to write as often as I should, but I’m still excited for life. Perhaps it’s Spring?

I realized I have 10 yoga classes left at my favorite place and I need to use before September! So I’m going to try to squeeze a few in here and there! I feel it will help with my flexibility.

I’m also preparing for my very first Blog Conference in Miami in just 15 days, Sheblogs Conference  . Business cards are all made, hotel and flight booked. Best friend right beside me, schedule picked out, and ready for some real sun! I’m incredibly eager to meet new bloggers and get some tips on how to improve…like ‘maybe you should write more than twice a month’?

By the way, have we looked at gas prices recently? $4.20 a gallon? That’s disgusting. The cost of living has been climbing faster than the average persons ‘cost of living’ raise. Most people I’ve spoke to haven’t received a raise in at least two years due to pay cuts or freezes. Back when gas was $3.70 per gallon, I was spending around $120 a month on gas. Now, to fill the tank once a week, it’s more like $240 per month. I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t get a hundred dollar raise per month.

How about groceries? Remember this post about budgeting your groceries ? I could spend less than $200 a month on groceries. I went twice a month and spent $100.  Now, I have spent $275 in groceries… and TWO weeks (three trips). And I ‘ve had to cut out all my delicious treats. No more fig spread, or goat cheese. No more pretzel chips,  or nice cuts of meats. No more trying this new herb, or this new spread. Bare bones for $275, and I still have two weeks left!

This is my normal grocery trip:

- Greek yogurt
- Cheese sticks
- 1 lb of turkey
- Broccoli
- Chicken
- Ground turkey
- Brussel sprouts
-Shrimp (which is about to be cut too, at $13.00 a pound, I can’t justify half a pound anymore!)
- Almonds
- Tomatoes ($3.59 per pound?)
- Mozzarella
- Pita Bread
- Some sort of toiletrie (TP, shampoo etc..)
- Spinach

This comes to around $90-$100. I am absolutely shocked.

But I have some ideas. I’m going to switch grocery stores, and finally tackle the mobs at Market Basket. I’ve been recommended to do so a dozen times. It’s cheaper. And right now, thats what I need to do. I still won’t buy processed food to ‘stock’ up. I believe eating healthy is always within my means, even if I have to give up a few things.

My second idea, is to really take advantage of farmers markets this year. 4 Avocado’s for $1? I’d be a dummy not to. Being on South Beach has made me pay attention to what goes into my shopping cart. And when it’s so scarce by the time I get to the register, and the total comes to the new Ann Taylor dress I wanted, I get awfully sad.

In addition to high gas prices, I’ve been considering investing in…..a VESPA! I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember. And while I can’t go grocery shopping (sort of) with one, I think it’s a good alternative for getting to and from places. 90% of my commuting is done within a 10 mile radius. I’m certainly not above taking the T, I’ve done it my entire life, but lets me honest… the MBTA is more of a hassle and a safety concern and has certainly been the reason I’ve turned down a few places. The places I’m traveling to and from, usually involve a bus-train-bus route, which can turn a 15 minutes commute into 2 hours. Herb Chambers Vespa in Boston is calling my name!  This is my dream scooter! I’m not hip on the function names and models, but I want a ‘vintage looking’  purple Vespa. DROOL!

Who knows! :)


But my first priority is paying off this credit card! And things are looking good! I’m actually paying down my dental loan too! There is no longer a comma in my bill!!!! :)

So, my post title says ‘Pole Dancing’. I have been very interested in checking out Super Shag Dance studio in Charlestown for their pole dancing class! I think it would be a great thing to try this summer with a couple girlfriends! So it’s going on my 2011 Dezolutions. :)

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