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Methods To Control Emotional Eating

Posted Sep 28 2010 10:18am

< p>Eating is a thing we partake of naturally whenever we are hungry. But, some of us turn to food, not only for nourishment but also as emotional support- frequently known as emotional eating. The method of eating here isn’t related to any exact hunger but to certain emotional states such as rage, or melancholy. While chomping down on food can help you overcome these feelings, it can have a terrible effect on your overall health. Here we look at the simplest way to control emotional eating and safeguard your wellbeing.

Start by getting some exercise. The temptation to eat will be magnified during the times you feel particularly overwhelmed by feelings. You may not want to exercise if you are feeling low and upset, but if but, you do manage to get a grip for a workout, you may find the upsetting feelings will disappear after a few moments. This is because exercising helps release the endorphins or the ‘feel excellent’ hormones of your body which tone down the urge to eat and also drive away any negative feelings.

Another major thing that you can do in this context is to keep a tab on your environment. A few folk are in the practice of eating anything that’s present in front of them. They just can’t resist saying no to foods. If you’re under any stressful situation, it is recommended to preclude being in a surrounding where you have an simple access to food items like chips, nachos and so on. This may go a excellent distance in keeping a check on the emotional eating pattern of yours.

Drinking loads of water can also help you cut back on unhealthy eating. The instant you are feeling like eating something without being very hungry, drink a pitcher of water instead. You may also squeeze lime juice into the water to add to its taste. It will help fill you up and also scale back your desire for food.

Another thing that will help you cut down on your eating patterns is distracting yourself. It has been observed that all those people who endure emotional eating disorders reckon about food alone for a large percentage of the day. As a consequence any stressful situation too takes their thought process to nourishment. It is because of this reason that distraction is of supreme signification. Whenever you are feeling the urge to eat something like a cake or cookie in such a situation, you may either read a book to keep yourself busy.

If it’s too hard for you to battle the enticement of food when you’re doleful, try and replace your common heavy calorie snacks with lighter, healthier ones. So, even if you do eat when you’re emotional it will not be anything that is particularly damaging for your health. What’s more, you are going to be able to gratify your emotions without any guilt. There are several options to choose from when it comes to healthy nibbles which include baked chips, cereal bars, frozen yoghurt, fruits, multi grain sandwiches for example.

So, make use of the already mentioned tips and be certain that you are going to soon get rid of the habit of emotional eating.

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