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Merits of an Asus Battery

Posted Jun 04 2013 7:37am

Asus Battery  is a suitable replacement battery. This battery is 100% compatible produced to meet the expectations and surpass the specifications of the original brand manufacturer.


Battery for Asus K40 comes featured with a money back guarantee as a 60-day package and quality warranty for a year. The engineering of this battery is considered precision as it undergoes all rigorous tests for voltage, safety, capacity and compatibility. The advantage of this battery is that it meets several UL, FCC and CE certification.


The design on its printed circuit board (PCB) also ensures safe and stable performance. The Asus k40 battery has undergone quality testing in its various processes of its manufacturing and assembly. This is the reason Asus k40 battery offers extended battery life, high performance and is a lightweight replacement battery.


Asus K40 adapter  is also an appropriate new replacement coming with 3 prong cord and compatible battery charges suitable for ASUS series Notebook Pc and also for laptop AC adapter. This adapter is of great use when you have misplaced or lost your ASUS laptop charger. You need not look beyond for choices as ASUS k40 adapter is the right replacement. There is a wide selection available at affordable prices to meet your specifications.


Do you really know why this battery is amazing?

The Asus K40 battery features are amazing as it offers excellent discharge features. It makes use of the PCB design that ascertains safe and stable performance. Its 12 month free warranty and its quality testing that comprises of the assembly and manufacturing process. This battery is produced in accordance to the OEM battery applicable guidelines and meets the original specifications of the equipment in its workmanship and form. Above all it is in affordable prices ensuring to last longer.


Battery for Asus  is wonderful for laptop is now clear, but you should know to take proper care so that the battery life is extended. Here are some tips to take care of your ASUSK40 battery.


Firstly, use the battery in a systematic way. and then remove it after ensuring it is 50% charged.

Remember to store it in a warm and dry place. It should also be wrapped and kept in a secluded place so that nothing falls on it.

Use the power cord that comes with ASUS K40 battery.

Never leave the battery for Asus K40 in direct sunlight or keep it in areas where there are extreme temperatures.

The battery should be purchased with Li-Ion batteries.

Battery should not be left without use as it gets fully discharged because the Asus K40 battery circuit consumes power.

The  Asus K40 charger  needs to be re-installed once in three or four week and must be allowed to discharge completely. Similarly, non Li-Ion batteries also should be discharged fully and must be recharged once in 2 to 3 weeks.

Lastly, leaving the battery for longer periods in an electrical outlet keeps the battery charging continuously and this reduces the lifecycle of the battery.


With all the above described features, one can prefer the Asus K40 battery without having a second thought.


If someone is searching for a certified and high quality battery just like a Battery for HP、Dell、Acer、Sony... then  is the best place for them. As one of the largest distributor of replacement laptop batteries in Australia, consumers are guaranteed of 60- Day Money Back Policy and a 2-Year Warranty.

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