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Menu Plan: Cooking Light September Issue

Posted Sep 17 2012 2:00am

menu planning with cooking light

It’s the easiest way for me to meal plan – whip open an issue of a Cooking Light magazine and fold down the corners of what I want to make for the week. And it keeps me on budget. But seriously, who can resist opening this magazine with a beautiful cover like this? Makes me feel cozy because its an end of summer early fall type of meal (and probably the reason I have a gazillion Cooking Light magazines stuffed in my cupboards – all earmarked).

Here is this week’s meal plan.

And three of the meals straight from the magazine (denoted with a *). Would have been more, as I earmarked plenty of them, but a girl needs to have time to Par-tay!

  • Sunday: Left over Island’s Turkey Burger and garlic fries. Anyone else cry during that new show Long Island Medium? I’m always tearing up!
  • Monday:* Sweet-Spicy Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry and brown rice
  • Tuesday: Spicy Zucchini Boats (because a band meeting kept me from making these last week – what nerve!) ;)

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  • Wednesday:* Mara’s Whole Wheat Spaghetti with a Poached Egg and Sautéed Kale
  • Thursday:* Red Lentil Dal, brown rice, grilled chicken & flatbread
  • Friday: Par-tay – Girl’s night out at the Casino!
  • Saturday: The Big 4-0 Bday Dinner! And hopefully richer.
  • Sunday: Undecided. But I have a feeling some healthy & detoxifying smoothies will be perfect for the day.

Look who I found on Picture 4 in the gallery above: Amy Clark, blogger of Mom Advice . I was neat to see someone I interact with on Instagram, adorn the page in a Cooking Light magazine.

In other news…

kitchen shelves

So… why can’t a DIY project ever go as intended?

This was supposed to be a simple task of: drill holes, tap in dry wall anchors, balance & screw in railings, and put up shelves.

Easy enough, right? No!!! I forgot the electrical box was behind this wall. Nothing, harmful happened. But since I didn’t remember about the box behind the wall, I have a bunch of tiny drill holes going across the wall so I could find an open spot. LOL.

I couldn’t put my railing 14″ apart as requested. Since there is nothing supporting the middle of these shelves, I don’t think I will be able to put the intended 50 lbs on each shelf (or my Cookbooks, as I wanted). None the less, it still adds some space for me to get things off the counters! Yay.

And I spackled the wholes.


Do any DIY Projects this weekend? (Like only indoors for us, because it was a sweltering 105 degrees this weekend!)

Cooking Light did send me a copy of the September Issue. Where I decided to plop myself on the floor with a pillow Sunday, earmark pages, scribble a grocery list, and make a plan. This wasn’t asked of me by anyone. I just decided I needed to keep my sanity during my busy work week and save me some stress.

=> Subscribe to Cooking Light Magazine for $1 an Issue!

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