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Menopause and Decrease in Sexual desire

Posted Nov 25 2010 10:04am

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As reported by many ladies, menopause, the final stage in the cycle of female menstruation, contributes to some substantial decrease in libido. One of the far more widespread complaints from females (and their partners) is the decrease in sexual desire and push.

The interval prior to menopause is known as the pre- or perimenopause time period when some decrease in sex drive happens. The hormone termed progesterone is accountable for this downfall and is important to inflicting a resulting hormonal imbalance. Remember, the work of hormones is to regulate certain processes in the human body.

An insufficiency in hormones disrupts this equilibrium and generates problems. Loss of sex drive is just not restricted to getting a deficiency of sexual wish. Vaginal dryness and discomfort can force ladies to avoid having sexual intercourse altogether. Products and gels are utilised to combat this problem.

Estrogen is the main sex hormone in a female. As mentioned previously, a lack of estrogen leads to some loss of sexual motivation. Remember, women also produce testosterone (in minimal amounts), and testosterone is also accountable for promoting lovemaking drive. Insufficient energy and occur because of these reduced amounts, plummeting libido to near to non-existent.

So as to restore sexual desire, hormone therapy is highly recommended. Physicians can prescribe testosterone inside a liquid form to preserve you alert and improve what you’ve lost

There are over the counter medicines available that combat loss of sexual interest. You will find progesterone lotions with ¨bio-synthetic¨ qualities that restore safe quantities of progesterone in the entire body to boost sex drive.

There are other things that affect menopausal women’s´ level of sexual desire. Not all girls have the identical amounts of sexual drive. For instance, 65-year-old women who’ve already undergone menopause are much more likely to possess less sexual desire than 49 year old women who has just completed the final stages of their menstruation.. Nonetheless, you’ll find products offered that enhance female sexual sensation in ladies such as Zalestra Feminine Arousal Fluid.

Menopause also affects the way ladies look at themselves in terms of body. Distorted views on body form all through menopause, when thought is greatly affected, may also lower the motivation for sexual intercourse. If a lady is taking medicine for despression symptoms for the duration of this period, her sexual desire can increase much more than somebody off the drug. Exterior elements such as work-related , can also establish sexual desire amounts in the woman and normally need a shift in perspective to regain steadiness. In a lot of techniques, menopause can be a reshaping of who we are and what we want out of life.

The info on this post is for educational purposes only, and is not meant as healthcare advice.

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