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Men Skin Care - Easy Steps For Men

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:32am 1 Comment
by Tom Beaty

In this day and time even men should take good care of their skin. Women are not the only ones that should do skin care. Many manufacturers have now realized that men are in the market for products to use on their skin. Men’s skin care products such as face wash and body wash are seen in the stores now. We need to examine how men need to care for their skin.

Men’s skin is a bit different from women because their pores are larger and their skin can contain a higher oil content. This makes men’s skin attract dirt more and their pores clog more easily. This means that men need to make sure to take good care cleansing their skin. Face washes need to be used to wash the face though they are kinder than soap is on the face. Soap usually leaves a film behind on your skin.

Facial washes can be used to tenderly clean the facial area. Since facial washes leave no residue they actually clean your face better than soap. This helps the pores not clog so bad. Many cleansers have been on the market for women that actually reduce pore size. Men can also use these products. Men just need to purchase one for oily skin. You can nowadays find natural cleansers also.

Cleansing is not the only thing you need to do to take care of your skin. You need to tone it too. To return the skin to the proper PH you have to use a toner after washing it. There are many different brands of toners in the stores today. You may have try more than one to find the one you like. As with the cleansers you can find one that is naturally based. You will love how your skin feels after giving it a good cleaning and toning.

A good routine to get into is shaving first then cleansing and toning. Then gently rub on some moisturizer that is water based. The water based ones are a less greasy and that is what your skin needs men. The moisturizer should be free of alcohol too because that dries the skin out and counteracts the moisturizing effect.

To remove all dead skin cells you need to ex foliate at least once a week. This really makes your skin look clean and bright. This is done between cleaning and toning the skin. You will many products that ex foliate today. Most contain glycol acid because it works best for ex foliating.

To get the rest of your body clean use the men’s body wash. As with the face wash these rinse off the body and leave no residue. You can find several brand names of these body washes for men these days. You may have to try more than one to find the right one for you.

You need to protect your skin with a sunscreen that not only protects for the UVB rays but the more harmful UVA rays too. Unprotected sun exposure can cause serious skin problems the worst of which is skin cancer. So apply your sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more when you are going to be outside for too long of periods of time also make sure to apply again every few hours. Don’t forget to coat your lips with a lip balm that has a good SPF too.

A healthy diet with correct water consumption is also great for the skin. You should not smoke as smoking does make the blood vessels constrict and makes the skin have trouble not only getting oxygen but nutrients too. The intake of alcohol in too much quantity can cause the skin to age also. Take these tips to heart men and practice them and you too can have younger and healthy looking skin.

About the Author:
Tom Beaty gives you 3 simple steps to youthful looking skin for men and

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Tom Beaty. You need to take some English grammar classes or hire an editor. This is one of the worst written articles I've ever seen.  The first few lines practically repeat the same info over and over. And most of your sentences are poorly constructed.

 That is all.

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